So parking demand is causing problems? Choosing the best car park reservation system can be tough.

The parking technology sector is very fragmented. Finding solutions which fit a buyers needs can be challenging. In this short blog, we’ll give a quick lowdown of how to make the best decision for your business.

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Identifying your parking needs

So first things first, what is your actual parking problem. The car park reservation system needed for an office is very different to an airport.

Here’s a few questions to help you figure out your actual needs.

– What type of car park do you manage? (office, residential mixed use, long-term, short-term etc.)
– Do you need an open group (e.g. customers of the shopping centre) or a closed group (e.g. employees) to be given access?
– Do you have a preference for a software solution or would you be happy with more manual approach (e.g. key card access)?
– If looking for a software option do you need to be able to integrate the software with your access control system (barrier, gate etc.)?
– Do you need your system to manage payments?
– Are there any other key features you require?

Once you have mapped out your requirements, it’s time to find the companies who can help.

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Finding the system that works for you

At this stage I assume you’ve been furiously Googling and come to one conclusion. Sourcing options isn’t easy.

One little hack, is to check out software review sites like G2 & Capterra. All credible vendors will be listed here. Have a look at the companies with 10+ reviews to get an idea of active companies in the market.

A small watchout is that Capterra’s definition of parking management is very loose. A number of the companies listed will have very little to do with parking management.

This approach will leave you with 10-15 options offering a broad range of features. Have a quick look through all the options and shortlist those who seem to have relevant capabilities.

Once you’ve shortlisted the options, it’s time to open up conversations.

Reach out to the various companies to see who best fits your needs.

Looking for some real-life examples? Check out how companies like Colliers International, Version 1 & Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt have solved their parking problems.

What should you watch out for?

When working your way through your shortlist of solutions. There are a few things to be mindful of.

There are a lot of off the shelf cheap and cheerful parking softwares out there. It can be best to avoid these. Rolling out a parking reservation system can require a good chunk of work. The last thing you want is to invest time and money in a system that is obsolete within 2 years due to a lack of investment.

Parking reservation systems by their nature are user facing (e.g. employees or general public). When solutions are only going to be used by a small number of people, functionality can be prioritized over usability. This is not the case with systems which will be used widely.

When it comes to parking reservation softwares, you need to make sure that it is a very user friendly solution. Otherwise simply put your target audience will not use the system.

Looking to learn more about parking reservation systems, check out this expert summary on the future of the sector.

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