• Parking management problems caused Sanofi and Colliers International major problems until they adopted the use of parking management software.
  • Every company has its unique parking needs because factors including scale, office size, and available onsite parking spaces vary in each case.

Many workers drive to work daily, or at least a few times per week. Anytime they do, they need spaces for their cars. 

In large corporations, the high number of cars poses a problem for operations teams. This is because they are tasked with finding a space for each worker’s vehicle.

When there are no spaces available, these companies have to arrange for offsite facilities, which drives up operating costs. 

Different Needs For Different Businesses 

Big organizations are realizing that there is a way to avoid this issue.

For example, both Sanofi and Colliers have adopted Wayleadr, which has helped them improve their overall operational efficiency. 

Of course, every company has its own unique car space needs. Factors include scale, office size, and the area available onsite.

A clear understanding of what your organization requires makes finding the right solution easier.

Reducing Overall Car Space Costs

Renting an extra area for cars is a process many businesses have to consider. However, it may be avoidable. 

After all, this cost often comes from the mismanagement of available car spaces. 

If last mile automation software is used in such cases, workers can book their spaces and get notified when no more space is available. 

Incentives such as commuter benefits and charging employees for daily usage can also be used to reduce the number of employees driving to work daily. 

Here’s How Two Of Wayleadr’s Clients Reduced Their Costs 


Colliers International is among the largest commercial real estate firms globally.

At the moment, It has about 15,400 staff spread across 69 countries. 

Colliers employs over 50 employees at its Dublin office, which serves as its Irish base. Its location, at the center of a busy city, presented mobility challenges to two-thirds of its employees who needed to drive to work daily. 

The situation was unique, because workers were constantly on the move.

Because of these demands, Colliers acquired five more office spaces within walking distance of its main office. 

Nick Coveney, Commercial Director of Colliers Ireland,  discussed the complex nature of their needs. He said: “Every day, those without a place to park would attempt to see if the assigned spots were actually in use. 

“Those that couldn’t find a space would be forced to park on the street, wasting time, causing frustration, not to mention, creating a burden of cost on the company.”

When Nick Coveney heard about Wayleadr, he thought this could be the solution. 

After fully integrating the Wayleadr software into the company, they now experience full occupancy and are saving over €15,000 annually per location.


Sanofi is the fifth largest pharmaceutical company globally and has over 100,000 employees. 

Owing to the scale of their operations, their three Spanish offices were experiencing major difficulties. They had to pay for offsite spaces while spaces were still empty and thus, costs increased.

Sanofi was also looking to reduce their office size. They were actively looking for a digital solution to their problems. 

They discovered Wayleadr after a careful evaluation of the options on the market. 

Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management, discussed the difference the last mile automation software made to their business. 

He said: “We used to contract almost 100 spaces offsite. We’ve now been able to reduce this massively. This leads to substantial savings which can be used elsewhere in the company.”

Last Mile Automation Software Can Reduce Costs

In the past, office car space management required intensive human labour and cut into employees’ productive work time. 

However, human labour is error-prone and inefficient in solving car space problems. 

Last mile automation software has provided an easy way to reduce these costs. 

Furthermore, different objectives such as availability, sustainability, and revenue can be defined and achieved using last mile automation software. 

Features To Consider For Reducing Employee Parking Costs

If your company’s car space management objective is to reduce cost, then you should look out for these features in your last mile automation management software:

  1. Occupancy Tracking

The software must easily integrate to track occupancy

It can then update, allowing employees to know before heading to the office whether there are available spaces. 

Employees then can make travel decisions. This feature will help avoid unnecessary travel congestion and offsite costs. 

  1. Realtime Notification

Realtime notifications must be available on the last mile automation software you will be using. 

This ensures that employees know whether they can book spaces before heading to the office. Realtime notifications save you money by ensuring that you don’t need to rent offsite spaces for those who can’t get onsite ones.

  1. Ease Of Use

Sanofi based its decision for Wayleadr on three factors: quick set-up, ease of use, and the best mobile app experience. 

All three factors point to the fact that both management teams and employees must be able to use the software without any problems.

If the software is easy to use for everyone, then the cost-cutting objective can be achieved quickly.


Digital technology is helping to reduce employee car space costs considerably. 

The successful use cases of Sanofi and Colliers international prove that regardless of operational scale and your office’s needs, you can find a last mile automation solution to suit you.  

Contact us at Wayleadr to see how our last mile automation can help your business reduce costs.

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