• You can use a smart parking solution to make tenants’ lives easier.
  • Among the many ways, you can use it to make parking easier, make money, save time, and reduce environmental impact.

Parking solutions aren’t just for commercial areas. There are many smart apartment parking solution you can use to improve efficiency in these facilities.

Increase in space utilization

Let’s break down these steps to see how using a smart parking solution can work for your apartment.

Increase parking efficiency and raise funds

The first and most obvious benefit of using a smart parking solution is that it allows residents to find an available parking space using an online booking system. This is especially valuable if you have a large apartment building with many tenants.

Consider this- if your apartment building has 200 parking spaces and 100 tenants, there are, on average, two parking spaces per tenant. If each tenant has one car, that’s a 50% occupancy rate. But if each tenant has two vehicles, that’s a 100% occupancy rate.

Imagine a smart parking solution finding an available spot in under 5 minutes. That’s a huge time saver. It also aids tenants in finding a spot that will be released soon, so they don’t have to wait for someone to leave before you can park.

Another great benefit of smart parking solutions is that you can use them to reserve a space. This option is especially great if you have guests coming over and want to ensure they have a place to park.

With smart parking, you can usually reserve a spot for a specific period. This way, you don’t have to worry about your guests’ cars being towed or ticketed. You won’t also worry about them being unable to find a spot.

Wayleadr can help you implement all of the above. Contact us and find out how we have helped massive organizations ensure their parking is hassle free.

Wayleadr also has a feature that makes payment options easier. Thus, if you want to implement a pay for parking system within your facility, this is something that can be done without issue.

Keep tenants happy and make an environmental impact

Consider this- INRIX, a company providing smart data and analytics to automakers, businesses, and cities, found that American drivers spend 70 billion dollars a year looking for parking. That’s 1.7 billion gallons of wasted fuel.

With a smart parking solution, your tenants can avoid this altogether. Not to mention, they’ll save time and frustration. A well-run apartment building will have a much higher occupancy rate and smart parking can help you ensure that this is the case with your residence.

Smart parking also reduces your environmental impact. Remember, all that drivers spend driving around looking for a spot adds up.

In fact, drivers in Los Angeles spend an average of 87 hours a year looking for parking. That’s a lot of time and a lot of emissions.

But with smart parking, you can avoid all that. You’ll also get to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution by up to 80%. And in turn, you’ll lower emissions and do your part for the environment.

Use it to get insights

With Wayleadr, you’ll be able to see trends and understand how people use parking in your building.

This information is incredibly valuable because it assists you in making changes to improve the parking situation in your building. For example, you may find that certain areas are being underutilized. Or you may find a high demand for certain types of parking spots.

Whatever the case, smart parking allows you to understand the situation, make changes accordingly, and improve the parking experience for everyone there.

Use it as a source of income

Electronic vehicles are on the rise, with sales increasing year over year. And with that, the demand for electric vehicle charging stations is also growing.

If you have an unused parking spot, you can use it to generate income by installing an electric vehicle charging station. This way, you capitalize on the rising trend of electric vehicles and make some extra money.

Another benefit of smart parking solutions is that they improve safety. With Wayleadr, you can get real-time alerts if there’s an issue in the parking lot.

You can use a smart parking solution in an apartment building in many different ways. If you’re ready to take the next step, Wayleadr offers a smart parking solution perfect for apartment buildings.

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