• Working parents can feel under pressure to juggle both the obligations of work and their home life. 
  • Wayleadr can make at least one element of this easier, as it takes much of the guess work out of the commute. 
Flexible commutes & hybrid working - should I stay or go home?

According to the Harvard Business Review, over 50 million Americans are juggling a job with the duties of raising a child and most of them are finding it a serious challenge. 

The reasons for this are plentiful, with the likes of school runs, time-management and the need for a work/life balance, amongst the key issues. 

It is not just the physical strain either, with many working parents reporting psychological stress, as they try to live up to their own expectations in both the family and workplace. 

However, it is important that parents don’t neglect their own wellbeing while attending to their work and family responsibilities.

Communicating With Employers

Becoming a working parent is a responsibility that comes with unfamiliar life changes that may need some drastic work adjustments. These can include temporary leave and new flexible working arrangements. 

Unfortunately, parents sometimes face difficulty when communicating this to their employers. However, it is important that both working parents and employers are open to dialogue in this instance, so a solution can be found that can suit both organizations and the staff that work within them. 

Having an agile approach to working parents within your organization spreads trust, loyalty and increases your employee’s willingness to go the extra mile for your business. 

Of course, the pandemic gave parents more of an opportunity to work from home. However, as work resumes in many offices, working parents have to decide if they want to return to former work routines or push for flexible work models.

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How WayLeadr helps working parents

Although physical work resumption will require an adjustment for working parents, some tools can make the experience easier. 

Using last mile automation software like Wayleadr can help staff members, including working parents, better schedule their commute.

With real-time updates, working parents will know if there are available parking spaces at the office.

This will help them determine if they should drive to work or take alternative means of transport on a given day. 

In hybrid work models, working parents can plan by booking parking ahead of the days they will be at the office physically. 

Working parents who drop their kids at school can better plan their commute and know when to share the responsibility with their spouses or childcare. 

As the commute improves via the use of Wayleadr, working parents’ lives will become more manageable.

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