• Hybrid work is the middle point between work from home and in-office work.
  • Empty car spaces are huge sources of concern to employers due to the accruing costs of renting parking spaces.
  • Automation, integration, support for hybrid work, and a great mobile experience should be considered when choosing a parking management software.

We are living in a new age, where companies have embraced work-from-home options for their staff. 

Of course, not everyone wants to work from home all the time and it may not be the most efficient way to do business anyway.

Hence why there has been a rise in employees mixing their working week in a system known as ‘hybrid work’. It involves working part of the week on-site and the rest of the week remotely. It is the middle point between working from home and in-office work. 

One obvious problem with hybrid work is that a different set of employees show up to the workplace each day. This impacts the use of facilities, such as where to leave your car.

One issue here is that allotted spaces are left empty because an employee is working from home on that particular day. While in some cases, other staff members find it difficult to obtain a space when they drive into work, despite several spaces not being in use. 

Flexible commutes & hybrid working - should I stay or go home?

Why The Use of Space Can Be A Problem

With hybrid, there may be space assigned to individuals that are absent from the office on that given day. 

Space not being used efficiently can result in employers having to rent areas to cater for those who are actually at work on a given day. 

According to Stacker, spaces cost between $2 and $17 per hour in the US. These costs can quickly add up, as seen in the case of Sanofi, who had to contract almost 100 spaces off site. 

Having to purchase car space, when you have unused areas, is a problem with efficiency. The good news is that it’s a problem that’s easy to fix. 

Last Mile Automation Software Improves Efficiency

Last mile automation software like Wayleadr provides an all-important solution to the car space problems of hybrid workplaces.

Wayleadr makes the most of data from employees and determines the optimum amount of area that will be necessary for each workday.

The cost savings for such a project can be significant, as was echoed by Sanofi’s Eric Van Hout after deployment of Wayleadr in three of their offices in Spain,

He said: “We’ve now been able to reduce this (number of contracted spaces) massively. This leads to substantial savings which can be used elsewhere in the company”. 

How To Choose Your Last Mile Automation Software

An interesting factor of hybrid working is its adaptability. There is a solution out there to suit every set of employees. 

Different businesses have different needs and our last mile automation offering can be tailored to suit these needs too.

If you are a business looking for a solution to your hybrid workplace needs, then consider the following… 


Automation helps to reduce the human power required to manage lots and it also reduces the possibility of human error. 

With software automation in place, employees can focus more on productive tasks and eliminate errors from management processes.


Most companies have existing car space management facilities. These can include entry barriers, sensors, cameras, and internal communication tools. 

The right software can easily sync with your existing infrastructure to improve the overall experience.

Helps Hybrid Work

Your last mile automation management software should be able to help your company implement its hybrid work policies. 

The software should also be able to track and monitor available spaces with little or no human intervention. 

It should eliminate the complex process of letting employees know if there are available spaces and thus, allow them to choose the best days to be in the office. 

Great Mobile Experience

At this point, we use our smartphones as a tool to help with virtually every element of our lives. Thus, the last mile automation software you choose should also offer a great mobile experience.

It should be easy to access, have a great interface and the ability to notify employees in real-time about the issues they care about. 


Hybrid work has provided a host of solutions for businesses, but it has created a new problem for facilities management. 

However, this is a problem that can be solved through last mile automation software. Having the correct option in place can allow your business to operate more efficiently than it did even before hybrid systems were in place. 

If you are looking to implement hybrid working, or it’s already in place and is causing issues with facilities, then you should consider Wayleadr.

It can help your hybrid business thrive. Book a demo today to learn how.

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