So what is a parking booking system?  What are the different types of solution? And what sort of solution do you need? These are all questions rattling around in the heads of businesses with parking problems across the world.

In this blog we are going to have a quick look at everything you need to know. Giving you the tips and insights you need to source the right solution for your parking issues.

What is a parking booking system?

Most car parks suffer from one common issue. A lack of predictability around demand. One day the car park might be half empty, the next day it might be totally full.

It can be very hard for car park owners to get full visibility of factors which may influence parking demand. For example, an office complex might be quiet most days but if one of their tenants has an event on-site it impacts availability for all other tenants.

Likewise, a residential complex might have a number of spare spaces but they have no way of predicting the volume of guests.

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A parking booking system is a solution, most commonly software, which allows drivers to book a parking space ahead of arrival. This benefits the driver who has certainty around parking and can plan their journey more effectively. While it also benefits the car park owner who is able to channel all demand through the booking system. In essence, this makes sure people understand if spaces are available or not.

What are the different types of parking booking system?

Employee Parking:

The rise in flexible working has made predicting parking demand particularly challenging for employers.

Once upon a time, senior managers had assigned parking spots beside the office. Nowadays, the senior manager might be working from home three days a week. It doesn’t make any sense for them to have a designated space lying there empty.

Manually working out who will be in and when is a step too far for most businesses. Particularly if you are dealing with more than 10 employees or so. 

Employee parking software’s like make this process simple for employers. Businesses make the software available to all employees. Workers pre-book parking spaces at work for days they are due to drive to the office.

If there is an over-demand,’s world-leading algorithm Newton looks at the factors which matter most to the employers. In milliseconds Newton considers factors such as seniority, distance to travel, health issues and previous car park usage. Employees are then allocated parking based on the needs which matter most to their employer.

Tenant Parking

In many ways a different iteration of employee parking. Many businesses are located in multi-tenanted buildings. In some cases usage of parking spaces is contracted to tenants through their leases. In other scenarios, parking policy is a little less defined.

Managing this parking demand can be tough for landlords who want to ensure a quality of service for their tenants and maximize yields at the same time. 

Again a software like can give landlords the tools they need to thrive in this scenario. Tenants and or employees indicate their parking requirements on a daily basis. If there is an over-demand with one tenant and a under-demand with another tenant, can automatically reallocate the space to the business in need.

The system can also be set-up to automate any financial repercussions associated with such a transaction.

An added bonus for landlords is the ability to rent out surplus parking on a daily basis directly to tenant employees. This is very useful when they have some spaces which have as of yet not been let long-term. 

Residential Parking:

This is exactly what it says on the tin. Managing parking at large residential complexes can be a nightmare. The frequent coming and going of residents and guests can be really hard to keep track of.

A good residential parking booking system will keep a track of all residents parking behaviour. Crucially it will manage all guest parking bookings, making sure that guests only park where they are meant to and when they are meant to.

Paid Parking:

This is the type of parking booking system which consumers are probably most familiar with. It’s a pre-booking solution which allows people to pay and reserve for parking in paid car parks.

These are very popular for airports and event-based parking where demand is driven by very specific behaviour and can be predicted ahead of schedule.

Increasingly, drivers are being asked to pay a premium to guarantee space ahead of arrival. 

Does your company need a parking booking system?

If a sudden rise or drop in parking demand is liable to cause you difficulties you definitely need a parking booking system. Not only will you gain access to the data & insights which allow you to forecast and resource issues. If you choose the right solution, you will also access a massive amount of automation which will massively streamline all other aspects of car park management.

Looking to learn more about parking reservation systems, check out this expert summary on the future of the sector.

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