• Wayleadr is a last mile automation solution that is trusted by some of the world’s biggest organizations. Here is what they have to say about us…

In this blog post, we’ve collected 10 quotes that underline Wayleadr’s importance, and how it can help your company save time and frustration.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us…

“I would spend hours everyday helping people find somewhere to park. I was pretty much becoming a parking attendant. It was incredibly time consuming and incredibly inefficient.”

Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management, Sanofi

Because all parking communication and allocation are centralized in a digital hub, Wayleadr eliminates the need for a human parking attendant- whether that’s you or someone you hire.

Wayleadr helps people find available parking spots in real-time, so they’re not driving around aimlessly and wasting time (and gasoline).

“We used to contract almost 100 spaces off-site, we’ve now been able to reduce this massively. This leads to substantial savings which can be used elsewhere in the company.”

Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management, Sanofi

By using Wayleadr to manage their on-site parking, companies can free up off-site spaces that they’re paying for. That means less real estate costs and more money that can reinvest back into business.

“The Wayleadr solution represented a saving to us of at least €15K per year. Not only that, it encourages more of our team to plan effectively, and to use public transport more often, which is of course a greener and more effective solution.”

Nick Coveney, Director, Business Space

Aside from the financial benefits, Wayleadr also helps companies be more sustainable by reducing their carbon footprint. When employees can’t find parking on-site, they often drive to work aimlessly or end up parking in a spot that’s farther away from the office.

They are consequences of the “hunt and peck” parking method- but Wayleadr’s parking management software puts an end to it.

“Wayleadr has been key in helping us to reduce our employee dependency on driving to work. By introducing simple concepts like minimal charges and automated communication we’ve really managed to make a stronger contribution around sustainability.”

Chris Clarke, Version 1

Wayleadr can encourage employees to ditch their car keys in favor of greener alternatives like public transportation, biking, and walking – just like what it did to 50% of Version 1’s employees.

You can do this with the software through automated communications, car park reporting and data, supervision of parking spot reduction, and parking space allocation management.

“Parking was one of those things that was just hanging over me, to be able to bring in a complete solution which adds to our member experience and makes my life easier is absolutely massive for me.”

Bryan McGarrigle, Membership Manager, Huckletree

Wayleadr has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that you will be happy with the results.

“Parking for work can be so stressful. Wayleadr informs people ahead of schedule if they have a space at work which removes a massive cost & time burden for staff. This allows people to arrive at work in a positive state of mind. Wayleadr also allows staff to plan for the days when they don’t have a space and to look into alternatives like public transport.”

Helen Goodwin, HR Manager, Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt

When employees know they have a guaranteed parking spot, it removes much of the stress that comes with commuting. They can check parking availability, book spaces, and release them when they’re not using them- all from the Wayleadr app.

“Wayleadr opened my eyes to how simple staff parking can be, the number of meetings which used to be hijacked by people complaining about parking was a real drain on time and goodwill. Now you’d never hear anyone talking about parking, it’s all about areas of the business which add value.”

Tomás O’Leary, CEO, Origina

Complaints about parking are a thing of the past with Wayleadr. With its help, employee stress and frustration will be replaced with peace of mind and satisfaction.

“Wayleadr manages to cover every base when it comes to features and there are still more on the way. There is even the option to interact with parking entry systems for further ease of use.”

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Adam Cooke, Head of IT, The Interiors Group

Wayleadr is constantly improving and adding new features to its software. And because it’s available o Android and iOS, employees can use it on the go.

“When there was a change (with the parking system) at the beginning, there was a bit of nervousness about it. But then employees realized that they can still park and it was not a hassle. They had the space when they needed it. Change is always unsettling to some at first, but when they realize it’s working, it’s fine. The fact that everything was done on an app, it was so easy.”

Sue Kitley, Personal Assistant to Castle Trust Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Technology & Operations Officer

Just like any other change, there is always some initial resistance to using new software. But once employees realize how easy and convenient Wayleadr is, they’ll be using it all the time.

“Employees are saving a massive amount of time in the morning. Staff used to arrive in the morning, they’d be ringing upstairs and often running around trying to find someone who could tell them where they could park. All this hassle has been totally eliminated now.”

Ritu Joshi, Executive Assistant, 908 Devices

With Wayleadr, employees no longer have to waste time trying to find a parking spot. They can just book one in advance and know exactly where they’ll be parking.

Looking for some more real-life examples? Check out how companies like Colliers International, Version 1 & Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt have solved their parking problems.

Do you want the same results for your workplace? Get in touch with Wayleadr today and see how we can help you streamline your parking process!

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