• Car lot management is essential in big cities. It saves drivers time, money, and frustration. It also reduces emissions, increases safety, and improves employee satisfaction.
  • Wayleadr can help you reduce the time it takes for your employees to find a parking spot, get their car, and leave the lot.

Big cities are full of people, traffic, and – you guessed it – cars. Parking can be a nightmare in these metropolises and that’s why it is important for car lot managers to be on top of their game.

Proper car lot management is key to keeping city streets and indoor parking garages organized, safe, and efficient. If done well, drivers will be able to find a spot quickly and easily, without any headaches.

However, when done poorly, parking lots are unorganized and chaotic, causing traffic jams and gridlock.

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Not to mention, it’s just plain frustrating for drivers. Here are a few points from the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes to think about:

  • Looking for a parking spot takes an average of 17 hours per year in the United States.
  • A driver wastes around 345 hours, 345 gallons of petrol, and $345 worth of emissions due to their search for a parking spot.
  • The search for a parking spot accounts for 30% of all city traffic.

From these stats, it’s clear that car lot management is essential to keeping cities running smoothly.

So what are the biggest benefits of car lot management in big cities? Let’s take a look.

Keeps traffic moving

One of the biggest benefits of car lot management is it keeps traffic moving. When drivers can find a parking spot quickly and easily, they are more likely to keep driving rather than circling in a stop-start fashion.

The search for car spaces causes traffic issues, with more and more drivers delayed as the cars in front of them slow down to search for available spots. This is especially true during rush hour.

In 2019, Fox 13 News reported drivers sat in rush hour traffic for an additional five days and three hours. Meanwhile, drivers in Los Angles, California, were stuck in rush hour traffic for four days and 19 hours.

Imagine if those drivers had been able to find a parking spot right away. They would have saved hours of time and frustration.

Reduces emissions

Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It accounts for 27% of all U.S. GHG and has increased more than any other industry between 1990 and 2020.

One of the main reasons for this is that drivers often circle the block for hours, looking for a parking spot. Such activity emits a significant amount of GHGs and other pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.

With proper car lot management, drivers can find a spot quickly and easily, thus lessening the emissions.

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Increases safety

When parking lots are unorganized and chaotic, it often leads to drivers backing into other cars, driving too quickly, or getting into accidents.

Dimly lit parking lots are also a breeding ground for crime.

We can see that car lot management is essential to keeping drivers and their vehicles safe. With proper lighting and signage, drivers can find a spot quickly and easily. It truly reduces the chances of an accident or crime.

Saves money

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Car lot management saves drivers time, frustration, and money. Consider the cost of gas. When drivers circle the block for hours looking for a parking spot, they waste a significant amount of petrol.

Improves employee satisfaction

Big cities are home to some of the largest businesses in the world. And those businesses rely on their employees to get the job done. But if employees can’t find a parking spot, they will be late for work or might not come in at all.

This is why many businesses are investing in car lot management – specifically, last mile automation. It is a solution that automates the process of:

  • Checking slot availability;
  • Booking spaces;
  • Releasing parking spots;
  • Tracking employee car park usage.

With this, employees can easily find a parking spot and get to work on time. And when employees are satisfied, they are more likely to stay with the company.

If you are looking for a way to manage your car lot more efficiently, reach out to Wayleadr. We’ll help you reduce the time it takes for your employees to find a parking spot, get their car, and leave the lot. Our technology will futureproof your employee parking in minutes, eliminating human input and maximizing benefits for your organization.

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