As a property manager, you should be staying ahead of the game in terms of what’s going with property management technology trends.

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The good news is that if you are not quite up to date, we have your back.

This article runs through some of the most innovative trends in property management technology available on the market at the moment.

How is PropTech used in property management?

Before we get into the list of trends, let us give you a quick overview of PropTech.

The term refers to technology that is used with the running and operating of property. When it comes to management, PropTech is there to make your life as a property manager easier.

It should also increase the efficiency of your properties, and improve the experience of your tenants. Recently, it’s also been a majour factor in helping property managers reduce their carbon footprint and reach their sustainability goals.

PropTech relates to the technological tools that are changing the way property is being managed.

Workplace trends and PropTech

Ongoing trends in the workplace are inextricably linked to property management technology trends. The ways people are using the workplace affects how commercial property is managed.

Hybrid working

Covid-19 changed how we work forever. For instance, it now looks like hybrid working options are here to stay. Because of this, commercial property managers need to adapt.

Fortunately, there are abundance of property management technology trends that are helping them do this.

For instance, it’s now harder to know how many cars will be driving into the office on any given day. Thus, it makes more sense to have parking management software in place with a book and reserve system.

Another example would be how occupancy is affecting energy use.

With hybrid working, there may be days where there are no employees are in the office. With PropTech, a property manager can remotely manage many of the elements associated with energy use here.

Connected workplace experiences

Property managers are coming to realize that commercial tenants are looking for a connected workplace experiences. For instance, elements such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) allow for this in commercial buildings.

ANPR is gaining popularity for property managers who want to increase the security of their car lot and is just one of the ways PropTech is offering a connected workplace experience. It can also be connected with the aforementioned Wayleadr parking management software.

Some commercial property managers are also offering tenant engagement apps, where tenants can give feedback and manage areas relating to their tenancy.

Another example would be maintenance and repairs software, where commercial tenants can connect from their home to see where they lie in the queue of requests.  

Greener Policies

With the climate emergency, it makes sense that some of the trends associated with property management would be associated with sustainability.

For instance, it has become common for property managers to engage with tenants using PropTech on ways to reduce and manage waste.

There are now technological solutions that can measure the waste of the building and provide data for managers to reduce their footprint.

Embracing data

PropTech is providing commercial property managers with more data than they have ever had before. This, in turn, is leading to more informed property policy making.

In truth, this data is improving all elements of property, helping managers achieve efficiency, reduce their overall environmental impact, and improving all interactions with tenants.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are more commonplace than ever before and this is something that commercial property managers have had to consider.

For instance, luxury building managers are expected to provide EV charging facilities for their tenants.

And EV charging facilities need to managed too. Booking and rotation facilities should be in place in order to avoid confusion and issues with tenants.

Wayleadr and property management technology

Wayleadr not only provide PropTech for commercial property managers, it also can combine and integrate with a number of other SaaS that managers already have in place.

If you are looking to connect your property with a booking and parking management system, put EV charging management in place, or align your properties with green policies, then Wayleadr can help you.

Click below to contact Wayleadr and they will fill you in on the next steps.

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