• Transportation demand management has gained popularity post-pandemic due to hybrid work adoption.
  • Transportation Demand Managers oversee TDM policies and they earn over $70,000 annually.
  • Responsibilities include defining transportation problems, developing budgets, creating awareness about initiatives, and evaluating the progress.
  • There is a connection between transportation demand management and parking management.
  • Parking management software tools such as Wayleadr aid the work of Transportation Demand Managers.

Roles of a Transportation Demand Manager

Portland Community College states that Transportation Demand Managers help to develop policies, plans, and programs that ensure single-use vehicles are reduced and increase the use of alternative transportation methods. Here are some of the primary responsibilities of a Transportation Demand Manager in an organization:

Defines an organisation’s transportation problems

  1. Daily traffic congestion as a result of parking space searches
  2. Few available parking spaces
  3. Deficits in existing infrastructure

The Manager prepares reports, makes recommendations, and delivers presentations to the board of management. 

Carries out employee surveys

Employee surveys and research efforts can provide a wealth of information to Transportation Demand Managers. These research efforts can be based on both existing and planned initiatives. The results are then compiled, analyzed, and inferences made, which guide planning decisions, future changes and initiatives that follow.

Develops a budget

The Transportation Demand Manager develops a budget for proposed solutions. Cost items including publicity, parking management software such as Wayleadr, and construction costs need to be included in the budget.

Initiates TDM programs

A Transportation Demand Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and supervising parking management programs. Changes in workplace policies and plans should be made to reduce the traffic and parking demand at offices. The overall TDM program should make workplace commutes more efficient and subsequently increase the use of alternative transportation methods. 

Creates awareness about policies and initiatives

  • Presentations and slide decks 
  • Internal campaigns with captivating messages
  • Promoting the incentives employees will receive
  • Working directly with staff members during the implementation of new policies

Evaluates performance

Why TDM is gaining popularity

TDM is growing in popularity as employers look for ways to make hybrid working policies more efficient. Transportation Demand Managers are using modern technologies to optimize company parking lots.

Parking management and TDM

Transport Demand Manager Salaries

Employee public transport


Increase employee public transport usage with Wayleadr


Transportation Demand Managers are in high demand in the US because of the rise in the number of companies that now see a need for them in their operations. The average salary range of Transportation Demand Managers attests to the good standing of the profession.

The adoption of hybrid work further raises the need for Transportation Demand Managers. They help employees understand alternative transportation means and provide incentives for employees to use these alternative options.

By utilizing parking management software tools, Transportation Demand Managers can help make transportation a more efficient process for these companies and their employees.

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