The All-In-One Solution To Manage Your Truck Parking

  • Streamline bookings and eliminating manual administration for efficient truck parking management.
  • Gain real-time insights into your truck stop, with availability, capacity, and occupancy across multiple locations.
  • Effortlessly allocate truck parking spaces across various zones, ensuring the best use of your truck stop parking bays.

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Whether you have 20 or 200,000 spaces, Wayleadr will transform the experience of arriving at your building

Maximize revenue with real-time occupancy tracking

Our powerful dashboard provides full visibility into each of your truck parking facilities, enabling you to monitor capacity, prevent overbooking, and maintain optimal occupancy levels. With our intelligent truck parking management system, you can ensure that are always operating at their highest potential and offering reliable parking options for truck drivers.

Boost efficiency with our streamlined truck parking management software

Say goodbye to time-consuming booking processes and manual administration. Our intuitive truck parking system simplifies the reservation process for truck stop parking.

Automate space allocation for a seamless truck parking experience

Our smart truck parking management system caters to truck drivers, making it easy for them to find and book their ideal spot at your truck stop without any hassle. Utilize our truck stop parking system to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your operations.

“Since integrating Wayleadr's solution, we've transformed our truck parking operations. The automated booking and space allocation have made the process more efficient for us and easier for the drivers. Wayleadr has truly revolutionized our management system, enhancing our service and customer satisfaction.”

Operations Manager at Speedwagon

Wayleadr Works with Your Favorite Tools

Effortlessly connect with systems you already use, enhancing your team's day-to-day experience without any rip and replace.

Gates & Barriers

Sync Wayleadr with your access control systems to digitize the parking experience. Ensuring only employees with valid bookings can access the car park.

Parking Sensors & Cameras

Unlock the full potential of parking hardware with Wayleadr, leverage our award winning mobile apps to direct employees to empty space in real-time.

Internal Communications

Seamlessly roll-out through SSO. Sync with existing communication and collaborations softwares to maximize the ease and effectiveness of Wayleadr.

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