We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Associated Engineering, a world renowned professional services firm who have provided a broad range of professional services in engineering and project management, all across North America for over 75 years.

Before Wayleadr’s involvement, Associated Engineering grappled with numerous workplace woes. With  over 1,000 employees in 21 offices across Canada, they had a growing waitlist, coupled with a lack of data on parking usage, this signalled the inefficacy of traditional systems. Employees found themselves caught in the conundrum of finding suitable parking spots or resorting to inconvenient alternatives.

Identifying the Need, Crafting the Solution

Recognising these gaps in their system, Associated Engineering reached out to Wayleadr. In tandem with their dedicated team, we incorporated our intuitive, easy to use platform to resolve their concerns, delivering a suite of impressive features.

Today, Associated Engineering’s workforce benefits from real-time insights into parking availability, coupled with the provision to book spots ahead of time. No more guessing games. 

They come into the office assured, with their reserved parking spot ready for them. Our state-of-the-art scheduling tool fosters fairness, harmoniously allotting parking based on weekly requests.

Supporting the Shift to Hybrid Work

The rise of the hybrid work model brings unique challenges, especially when juggling both remote and office logistics. For Associated Engineering, maintaining flexibility without causing resource clashes was paramount.

Wayleadr’s solutions proved invaluable here. Our dynamic booking system ensured employees, regardless of their in-office frequency, had access to essential resources like parking. This streamlined space management not only alleviated logistical burdens but significantly enhanced the hybrid work experience.

Megan from Associated Engineering, gave a glowing recommendation for using Wayleadr to support a hybrid workforce. She told us:

“I would recommend Wayleadr to any office that is looking formally structure a hybrid work model.”

Megan Roy, Business Support Administrator, Associated Engineering

In partnering with Wayleadr, Associated Engineering is not just addressing current challenges but also paving the way for a seamless future in hybrid work.

Megan also told us about her enthusiasm about finding Wayleadr & what made us stand out, telling us that:

“I found Wayleadr by conducting some market research and seeing what else was out there. The intuitive nature of the program really set it apart, and it quickly became a front runner, so it was really easy to get started with Wayleadr”

Megan Roy, Business Support Administrator, Associated Engineering

Diving deeper into the immediate benefits Wayleadr provided Associated Engineering, Megan added:

“We had quite a substantial waitlist for our parking before we implemented the Wayleadr application. And within two weeks of implementation, we had been able to accommodate parking for everybody that had been on that list.”

Megan Roy, Business Support Administrator, Associated Engineering

The transformation that Associated Engineering experienced with Wayleadr stands as a testament to it’s efficacy as a hybrid enablement tool. Whether you are looking to enhance your workplace experience, streamline daily operations, or just ensure that every employee’s day starts off right, Wayleadr could be the solution for you.

Want to increase your employee’s satisfaction by making their commute seamless? Join industry leaders from companies like Uber, eBay & Sanofi, schedule a demo with Wayleadr.com today and solve your parking problems with the click of a button.

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