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Wayleadr reduces the number of employees who drive to work. Boosts employee happiness, decreases carbon footprint and rightsizes real estate spend.

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Whether you have 20 employees or 200,000, Wayleadr will transform your employee parking experience

Transitioning from parking management to last-mile automation

It is time to stop looking at office car parks as a means to an end. Last-mile automation ushers in a new era which places people, profit and planet at the heartbeat of every employee car park.

Parking Management

  • Solves problems by increasing parking availability.
  • Disregards the impact of parking policy on environment & community.
  • Ever increasing cost profile.
  • Further embeds outdated practices.

Last-Mile Automation

  • Solves problems at source reducing car dependency.
  • Eliminates congestion & carbon emissions in local communities.
  • Reduces cost of employee car park facilities.
  • Prepares companies for the future.

Optimize parking for the benefit of your company, your employees and the environment.

“We used to contract almost 100 spaces off-site, we’ve now been able to reduce this massively. This leads to substantial savings which can be used elsewhere in the company.”

Eric van Hout
Head of Facility & Record Management, Sanofi

Unlock the power of
last mile-automation.

Wayleadr syncs up with your hardware and software so you can maximise the benefit of existing systems.


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Wayleadr - Ranked #1 Parking Management Software by G2, Capterra & Sourceforge

Case Studies

Our customers speak volumes about us.

Learn how companies of all shapes and sizes are using Wayleadr to solve their commuter challenges.


Discover how Alstom eliminated their parking admin burden with Wayleadr

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Discover how Sanofi uses Wayleadr to seamlessly optimize parking management across a portfolio of offices.

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Colliers International

Learn how Colliers automated parking allocation and were able to reduce parking spend by up to €15,000 per office.

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Learn how Sodexo used Wayleadr to get their employees to the office quickly and safely during the pandemic.

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Version 1

Learn how software delivery provider Version 1 leveraged Wayleadr to decrease the amount of staff driving to work by over 50%.

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Learn how co-working provider Huckletree uses Wayleadr to automate parking management in a busy, flexible working space.

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Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt

Find out how Wayleadr solved the problems and delivered a 99% parking satisfaction rate for ACG’s employees.

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Discover how IT support company Origina are using Wayleadr to boost parking availability at the office by 15%.

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The Interiors Group

Discover how Wayleadr boosted employee satisfaction by giving employees parking certainty on days they were due to drive to work.

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Leman Solicitors

Learn how Leman’s increased parking availability by 25% with Wayleadr, increasing employee happiness and decreasing administration costs.

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Castle Trust Bank

Learn how Castle Trust Bank integrated Wayleadr with their parking barrier to maximize the automation of their employee parking.

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908 Devices

Discover how 908 Devices eliminiated up to 10 hours a week of manual parking management.

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