For a long time workplace parking has been a minefield for employers. In recent years things have improved with the emergence of employee parking platforms.

What do these platforms do? How do they work and what companies need to use them, let’s have a look.

So what exactly is an employee parking platform?

Employee parking platform are more commonly known as employee parking software. It’s an emerging type of software which optimizes and automates employee parking management.

Many companies struggle with a multitude of parking problems including:

  • A lack of space
  • Environmental concerns
  • Intensive manual management
  • Congestion & traffic issues
  • Employee dissatisfaction

Market leading softwares have all the features for employers to eliminate these issues.

How do they work?

There are number of platforms in the space but I’m going to look at the one I know best are the market leaders in the space. The product is currently the most trusted parking management software in the world according to G2 & Capterra.

So how exactly does work?

Obviously every parking problem is different. has been built with this in mind and can solve all major employee parking issues. However, for simplicities sake let’s take two common problems and explore how Wayleadr solves them.

Problem 1: We don’t have enough spaces at work

According to’s State of Employee Parking 2021 73.2% of employee parking problems are linked to a lack of space.

Many businesses particularly pre-COVID reported parking demand outstripping supply at work. The traditional approach to solving this issue has been to assign some or all of your parking spaces to key staff.

This makes sense on many levels. Many companies need to prioritize their most important staff. However, this approach has one unexpected drawback. It actually creates a massive amount of empty space in your parking lot.

Think about it. Let’s say you have 50 spaces and 100 staff looking for parking. To curb parking chaos the employer allocates the 50 spaces to the 50 most senior members of staff who want parking.

Those who are left out are a bit peeved but they understand that is the way things go in business sometimes. The frustration begins to grow though. Everyday they arrive at the office have endured an arduous commute and walk through an office parking lot with lots of empty space.

You see, the designated staff aren’t always at the office. Maybe they are on holidays, meeting with clients or working from home. In fact on average almost 40% of parking spaces are empty at any given time.

So companies find themselves in this odd scenario. They have a waiting list for parking spaces, a half-empty car park and no way to manage it.

This is where products like step into the fold. Companies use to monitor who needs parking and when. Key staff are still guaranteed a parking space, they simply indicate through the app days they will not be using their space.

All spare spaces are then placed in a shared pool. Other staff can apply to use these spaces. If demand outstrips supply‘s awarding winning algorithm allocates the spaces based on the criteria which matters most to the employers in question. ensures that 100% of parking spaces are always in use. Massively widening the pool of employees who can access parking in the click of a button.

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Problem 2: Traffic around the office is a nightmare

Many enterprise employers experience severe traffic jams around the office each morning. Much of this comes down to how they manage their car parks.

Let’s say a company has 3,000 staff and 3,000 parking spaces. Everything seems perfect right? Wrong!

Unfortunately human behaviour dictates that everybody wants to park as close to the office as possible. This means that every employee will enter the car park and cruise around looking for the most convenient space.

At off-peak times this ok. Yet, if you have 3,000 cars all arriving between 8:30 – 9:00 you are left with a recipe for disaster. Employees are left sitting for ages as their colleagues try to manoeuvre around the parking lot. Things can practically come to a standstill. can integrate with parking hardware such as barriers etc. to monitor and communicate car park occupancy. This is a key part of the puzzle.

In the click of a button, employees can see what is happening in the car parks. They can also see forecasted occupancy if they are due to arrive later in the day.

It allows employees to identify problem entrances and zones before they arrive at the car park. Minimising friction and directing employees directly to the most appropriate employee parking spaces.

Looking for some real-life examples? Check out how companies like Colliers International, Version 1 & Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt have solved their parking problems.

Does my company need an employee parking platform?

If you are one of the 47% of companies with parking problems, the answer is yes. Almost 80% of all companies still manage parking manually in-house.

This is changing rapidly as companies realize there is a better way. Join industry leaders from companies like Sanofi, & CBRE, schedule a demo with today and solve your parking problems in the click of a button.

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