Parking software has seen something of an explosion of activity over the last ten years. Companies across the world are now queueing up in search of the right solution for their car parks.

This is leading to many big questions. What does the future hold for parking software companies? How can businesses make sure they are investing in the right solutions?

Let’s have a look.

1. The rise of the gold standard

For a long time a big issue in the world of parking management has been the lack of a gold standard. Every company is trying to solve parking problems in a silo.

This has led to a disjointed sector with many companies struggling to manage parking. Wayleadr’s State of Employee Parking 2021 shows that 47% of employers see parking as a problem.

Every company is tackling parking in a different way but it is often not pretty. Excel sheets, WhatsApp groups, Slack channels are all being used to manage onerous manual allocation. Luckily an easier way is emerging.

The growth of parking software is a godsend for employers. Technology can manage employee parking in seconds with a complexity that would take humans months to replicate.

Obviously the team here at are delighted that we have emerged as the gold standard in the industry. We are the most popular parking management software on G2 & Capterra. is becoming the new normal for companies across the globe. Using this parking software companies can:

  • Increase parking availability at the office by up to 40%.
  • Maximise occupancy ensuring all your parking spaces are being used all the time.
  • Automate tedious administration associated with employee parking.
  • Monitor and manage the carbon footprint of your employee’s commuter habits.

The rise of flexible working post-COVID is only going to increase the complexity of employee parking management. As a category parking software is here to stay. Early adopters are getting the chance to maximise value and shape growing products, so start your journey sooner rather than later.

Optimize your parking management operations with software

Find out how Wayleadr's parking mnagement software can help you reduce costs and enhance your employee experience

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2. Software first, hardware second

Traditionally parking software has been something of an afterthought for companies. They have bought expensive parking hardware systems. Somewhere along the way the hardware rep mentions they have a software product which is tagged on.

These software products are often clunky, hard to use and lack functionality. They have been built by hardware companies not software companies and it shows.

As the power of parking software to optimize parking lots outstrips the potential of hardware, this buyer journey is changing. Companies are now buying the parking software which best suits their needs.

They then are looking for to integrate with relevant hardware where necessary. This is a massive shift for employee parking management in particular.

3. DIY builds will only get you so far

It’s not fair to say that all companies managed car parks with Excel, WhatsApp etc.

Some employers recognized the value of parking software early doors. Many technology companies hosted company hackathons to solve the problem.

Some of them came up with cool solutions which initially helped the problem. However, when you build a solution you need to maintain it which is costly.

Secondly, once you start solving parking problems you realize the degree of complexity and expertise which is needed.

“I have to say I was surprised by just how much functionality you could pack into a parking app but once our business started using it in earnest, it was immediately clear it’s all absolutely necessary.”
Adam Cooke, Head of IT, The Interiors Group

Discover more about how The Interiors Group used Wayleadr to solve their parking problems once and for all.

A lot of companies who roll-out initially started with their own DIY style solution. As soon as they dipped their toe in the water, they realized they needed something to make the complexity simple. Parking problems are easy to solve but it can’t be done by a few developers over lunch.

Optimize your parking management operations with software

Find out how Wayleadr's parking mnagement software can help you reduce costs and enhance your employee experience

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4. It’s the end of the road for bespoke builds

Another section of employers realized that technology could be the answer. There response was to commission bespoke builds.

These are products which have been built for the specific needs of a particular employer. This might sound great but it has some serious drawbacks.

In the early days of parking software, there was a role for these products as no market leaders had emerged with powerful and adaptable products.

However, bespoke builds are expensive to build, very expensive to maintain and can cause all sorts of legacy issues.

As the industry has grown, market leading products like have developed a broad range of features to cover every eventuality.

Buyers are moving away from bespoke products and looking for customisable products. This means that every add-on won’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s simply a case of toggling a button.

Join industry leaders from companies like Sanofi, & CBRE, schedule a demo with today and solve your parking problems in the click of a button.

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