As a property manager, there are probably weeks when your to-do list seems endless. It is a role that encompasses many different elements, with people in this position often spinning several metaphorical plates at once. However, if you choose to automate property management tasks, your life can become much easier.

Put simply, automation improves efficiencies around several processes associated with the role. However, not all property managers are up-to-speed on the areas they can automate.

Thus, they are stuck using the old manual methods, which leaves them with those endless to-do lists.

What is property management automation?

Put simply, property management automation is the use of technology to simplify processes and remove manual administration when managing certain elements of a property.

For instance, you can install software that manages and queues maintenance requests. This stops you from having to look after them manually and keeps everyone informed.

Of course, that is just an example. It can apply to any area of the property, from maintenance, to the car park use, to delivery systems.

How does automation help property management?

When you automate property management, your administration time is reduced drastically. Human error also becomes less of an issue and processes run easier.

This generally leads to those within the properties being much happier and a generally smoother operation. Whether you run one property, or many, automation can be the difference between harmony and chaos.

5 tasks property managers can automate

The list of tasks that that fall under ‘automate property management’ is endless. However, if you are making the jump from using no technology within your portfolio, to automating some processes, these are the areas you might want to start with.

Package and delivery management

Automating your package and delivery management systems is easier than ever. That is because there are so many different options available.

Options include off-site and on-site package room and locker systems. If you choose an on-site system, this can be controlled by a remote video intercom system. They can save time for you, couriers and those whose receiving address is one of the properties you manage.

Maintenance request management

Both residential and commercial buildings require property managers to deal with maintenance requests. And the amount of time taken up by these requests is massive.

However, automation can take care of many of these issues. One example of this is software Buildium.

Software promises to cut out the paperwork, save time, and automate every task.

When choosing maintenance request software, it’s worth your while to look for one with a top notch tracking system that keeps users in the loop with notifications of the progress of their requests.

Tenant communication

Manually managing tenant communication is a thing of the past. Nowadays, software automation allows property managers to send out mass communication to tenants and users.

The likes of Slack can be utilized here to ensure that those within your buildings are kept in the know, while all your time isn’t spent contacting people individually.

Vehicle access control

When working as a property manager, you don’t want too much of your time taken up by vehicle access control. That is especially true when you consider how easy it is to install a parking management software solution that can look after it entirely.

For instance, Wayleadr offers a booking and reservation system that allows users of the property to book their parking space that day.

This can combine with your existing access control to create a secure and safe lot that nobody is entering without prior permission.

Space management

With hybrid working, space management has become much more complicated for property managers. However, the aforementioned Wayleadr can automate several of the processes associated with this.

For instance, they have a new desk booking software if your property is a shared working space. They also ensure that parking lots are used their potential, with their booking confirmation system, which alerts users when the lot is at capacity.

Wayleadr can help you automate several elements of your property management systems. This will not only help you run your properties more efficiently, but it will also save you time that you’ve previously spent on tedious admin.

Wayleadr & property management

Contact Wayleadr today to find out more about how the solution can help with your property automation.

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