When it comes to apartment living, the parking lot is a shared space. Thus, when you have a visitor, it can be difficult to know just what the protocol is for their vehicle.

The truth is that different buildings have different policies. These policies are usually set by the property manager or the landlord.

Some landlords provide facilities for visitors and do so via pre-reserved spaces, with each property getting an extra spot for their guests.

Another solution is to leave guests to find their own parking off-site. This causes another array of problems, which we will discuss further later in this article.

Then there is parking management software, which offers a solution that allows residents to book and reserve spaces for visitors as they need them.

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Problems with an offsite parking lot

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1. Safety

There are clear safety concerns when you leave your guests to find their own parking offsite, for example, not all off-site parking is well-lit.

There can be other issues around their vehicle and whether it is in a secure shelter when they can’t use the apartment building’s lot facilities.

2. Cost

There is an obvious issue about guests having to pay for offsite parking when visiting.

Obviously, as a resident, this can be bothersome as some guests won’t return due to issues with parking.

It’s especially tedious when there are available spaces within a secure apartment parking lot that are reserved for residents, or visitors, that aren’t using them.

3. Lack of facilities

Offsite lots may not have the facilities that are required by your guests.

For instance, if they are driving an electric vehicle, they may struggle to find charging facilities. his creates further issues around their transport to and from your building.

4. Proximity to apartment

Another obvious issue is that visitors will have to travel distances if they are not using the built-in car park within the complex.

This can be both frustrating and dangerous. Not only that, it can also be an issue for visitors with mobility problems.

Residential parking management software

With residential parking management software, residents can pre-book and reserve spaces for guests as they come and go. This gives property managers the security of knowing every vehicle that is using their lot.

It also allows residents to invite guests to their apartments knowing that parking won’t be an issue.

Enhance your visitors’ parking experience

Try Wayleadr and deliver a seamless parking experience to your visitors

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Benefits of having a parking booking system

1. Guaranteed spot

With offsite parking, you have the obvious issue of occupancy.

However, if you use the booking system within a residential parking management system, this isn’t the case. Your guest knows they will have somewhere to park their vehicle when they arrive at your property.

2. Convenience

Put simply, looking offsite for parking can be bothersome.

It’s time-consuming, can be costly, and detracts from the visit that you have initially planned. In fact, that is so much the case that most visitors don’t mind paying a small fee to use an apartment lot, providing the facility is streamlining the process.

3. Reputation

Apartment buildings that have a good tenant experience gain a good reputation. And tenants love when their visitors like to visit.

So, if you are a property owner or manager, then residential parking management software could be the difference between you retaining tenants or them looking for somewhere else to live.

4. Sustainability

Both tenants and landlords know that needless emissions are an issue. And if your visitor has to drive around looking for a car park space, those emissions are not necessary.

A booking system ensures that the journey ends in the lot and everyone is a little bit happier.

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