When parking management is done correctly, parking problems and solutions aren’t something that are even considered. Everything just runs smoothly and there are no issues.

However, when shortcuts are taken, or a company refuses to move into the world of automation, that’s when you notice parking management.

The list of issues around the lot suddenly becomes a long one.

If that sounds like your organization, then don’t worry. For every parking problem, there is also an opportunity.

Parking problems and solutions

Problem: Occupancy. Solution: A reservation system.

Occupancy is the most obvious parking problem there is.

When your lot is full, employees want to know. The reason is so they don’t waste time arriving at a full carpark when they don’t have to.

A proper communication system, where employees can check the real-time occupancy of the lot can solve issues around them arriving there when its full. And a booking system can ensure that all pre-booked spaces are used. That is unlike the traditional system, where senior staff members are given a reserved space. That is whether they used it or not.

Problem: Stressed employees. Solution: Better employee parking systems.

The commute can be a serious source of stress for employees.

Part of the reason for this is the not knowing whether or not they will have parking when they arrive at the office.

However, if they have an app, they can use this to book a space prior to leaving to their home. That is one less thing to worry about.

It can also assist them in arriving to work chilled out and ready for a productive day.

Problem: Hybrid workers. Solution: Parking management software

Somewhat linked to the last point, some hybrid workers dread coming into the office because they have to deal with the commute.

However, when they can pre-book their space, view how busy the office lot is, and be rest assured their vehicle is secure and safe, they are much more likely to want to come in.

Problem: Too much time spent on parking admin. Solution: Automation

One of the biggest issues with office car parks doesn’t actually happen within the lot at all.

This issue relates to the amount of time that facilities managers and commuting program managers have to spend on managing parking.

For those companies that still use manual methods, there can be hours upon hours of administrative work. An obvious solution to this is to automate car park management. This not only gets rid of the wasted time, it also removes most of the issues around human error.

It also gives time back to managers and that time can be spent elsewhere.

Problem: Extra emissions. Solution: Different policies.

When employees arrive at a full lot, they have to continue driving to find another offsite space. These driving miles add up and don’t support the goal of reducing emissions.

However, parking management software can ensure that employees aren’t arriving at full carparks.

Regarding sustainability, employers can also encourage carsharing, bike-to-work schemes, micro-transport and more. Having the right infrastructure will ensure that environmental policies are embraced in every part of the business.

Problem: Software not integrated. Solution: The right software

Some organizations are reluctant to get parking management software as they are worried it won’t integrate with their existing parking facilities.

However, Wayleadr is a perfect example of a tool that works brilliantly with existing facilities and can help your business reach the next level with its lot.

Problem: Employees not embracing to new tools. Solution: Better user experience

Employees can be slow to embrace the new software. However, there are solutions.

For one, the benefits of the tool should be demonstrated and discussed via internal company communications. And two, the app and tools should have a positive user experience that make it easy for the employees to get to grips with it.

Problem: Not generating revenue. Solution: An experienced provider.

If you want to implement a revenue generating policy in your lot, but don’t have the tools to do this, that is clearly a problem.

However, with Wayleadr, this can be done with ease. And the great news is that it is adaptable. Simply outline what your looking for and Wayleadr can design the process.

Problem: Lack of data. Solution: A software that reports back to you

Informed decisions are good decisions. That is simple, but it is also true. With Wayleadr, data is king and it is something that is constantly provided to you to help you make better decisions around your parking lot.  

Wayleadr as the complete solution

Parking problems and solutions will always exist and Wayleadr will always be at the heart of the latter. If you would like to hear more about its offering and how it can help your organization, click the link below.

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