You don’t need a car park booking tool. You need the right car park booking tool.

As a business, you’ve reached the point where you have decided that something needs to be done about your parking situation. You are thinking that a tool where employees and visitors can book and reserve their parking spaces is the right option for you.

OK, well that’s a good start.

However, it’s not the endpoint, because all car park booking tools weren’t created equal.

Before we get into that, let us take a quick look at why you’re making the right choice in getting a company car booking tool for your to suit your needs.

Do you need a car park booking tool?

Most businesses that don’t have a booking and reservation tool for their parking will run into the following problems.

Employee retention

The commute can be a stressful part of the day.

Almost a quarter of employees have left a job due to a bad commute.

When there is no booking system in place, employees can feel like they need to arrive at the office extra early to get a space.

They might also feel as though they can’t leave their space at lunch for fear of losing it in the afternoon. There are a whole host of issues that make staff’s lives stressful when there is no company booking system in place.

Burnout and conflict

Similar to the point above, employee burnout can be caused due to stress and the commute can be a key contributor. Not only that, but a lack of a booking system can also cause employee conflict.

Consider this; an employee finds that there are no non-reserved spaces in the lot, despite several of the spaces laying empty.

That is because certain employees have spaces reserved permanently, whether they are using them or not.

Such a scenario is common, and it does cause issues. No employee wants to bring their vehicle offsite when there are spaces laying empty in their office’s lot.

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Uncertainty around hybrid working

Flexibility is the new standard and with that, many staff members are choosing a hybrid work style.

However, this mixture of onsite and from home-working causes extra uncertainty around the ready availability of car parking spaces.

When there is a reservation system, employees can book their spot before leaving their home on the days they are in the office.

An inability to meet sustainability goals for the commute

When employees drive to the office only to find that there aren’t any available spaces, they have to continue driving until they find a suitable place to leave their vehicle.

This causes needless extra emissions and is an easily solvable problem.

What to look for with a car park booking tool?

Now you know that a car booking tool will save you stress, money and time.

Therefore, it’s time to look at what you should consider when looking for the right car park booking tool.

Work alongside Slack

Ideally speaking, you will want a parking management tool that can work alongside Slack, a communication tool that is used throughout the world.

These two systems integrating will allow you to contact employees in real time around issues of car park occupancy.

Mobile integration

Obviously, the car park booking tool you choose should have an app. With that, users will be able to check, book and reserve spaces right from their smart devices.

It makes everyone’s life easier and should be one of the first ports of call when considering a new parking management tool.


When choosing a car park booking tool, it should be one that doesn’t require learning. It should be easy for users, with their experience at the heart of its processes.

If it’s not easy to use, then employees won’t bother with it and the expense will be a waste.


Why choose a car park booking tool that only does that one thing? Why not choose one that can:

  • Integrate with existing parking hardware
  • Sync with smart buildings
  • Gives you the opportunity to set up an EV charging rotation facility
  • Gain revenue from renting out free spaces
  • Much, much more.

Wayleadr is that software that can do more.

It can help with the reservation and booking of spaces, but it can also assist you in a number of different areas and help your facilities reach their full potential.

Contact Wayleadr today to find out more about our bespoke solutions and how we can help your business today.

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