The State of Employee Parking 2021

The world’s most comprehensive study of employee parking management trends featuring insights from 105 corporate leaders across 15 countries.

This report give insight on questions like:

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Whole industries exist trying to answer one very simple question, how can we get fewer people to drive to work?

According to the 2016 Census in the USA, 76% of workers drove to work alone. Obviously, these figures were dramatically reduced overnight with the onset of COVID-19.

However, large questions remain as vaccinated communities begin to return to offices. Mainly, how can employers create new cultures around commuting to ensure congestion and air pollution don’t become a part of everyday life again.

For too long, employee parking has been put on the long finger. People love to complain about it but are reluctant to manage it with a long-term focus on efficiency and the environment.

Wayleadr’s The State of Employee Parking 2021 is a conversation starter. It shines a light on employee parking management across the world. We hope it gives employers an insight into what is happening around the world and can stimulate companies to proactively make decisions about the future of their office car parks.