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From optimising car park occupancy, managing parking availability,
generating employee parking revenue and reducing carbon footprint,
discover how Wayleadr is driving results for some of the biggest
companies in the world.

From optimising car park occupancy, managing parking availability, generating employee parking revenue and reducing carbon footprint, discover how Wayleadr is driving results for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Uber's Partnership with Wayleadr Transformed Employee Arrivals

Discover how Wayleadr’s collaborative solution redefined the arrival experience for Ubers employees.

Automate parking management like Alstom

Discover how Alstom eliminated their parking admin burden with Wayleadr

Manage multiple sites like Sanofi

Discover how Sanofi uses Wayleadr to seamlessly optimize parking management across a portfolio of offices.

Master Efficient Parking Management Like CBRE

Discover how CBRE leveraged Wayleadr’s user-friendly system, slashing parking-related costs by 16% and fostering a more sustainable work environment.

Create A Seamless Arrival Experience like the George W. Bush Presidential Center

Discover how George W. Bush Presidential Center introduced an equitable parking policy with Wayleadr

Master Parking For Your Hybrid Workforce like Associated Engineering

Discover How Associated Engineering Redefined Parking for their Hybrid Work Model with Wayleadr

Save money like Colliers International

Learn how Colliers automated parking allocation and were able to reduce parking spend by up to €15,000 per office.

Streamline your business to support hybrid working like Iress

Find out how Iress saved £50,000 a year on parking in one location and facilitated employees return to work.

Pandemic-proof commuting like Sodexo

Learn how Sodexo used Wayleadr to get their employees to the office quickly and safely during the pandemic.

Triple parking occupancy like Sanderson

Discover how Sanderson tripled occupancy without sourcing any extra space using Wayleadr.

Create parking certainty like ESB

Discover how ESB increased 6,000 employees satisfaction with only 127 parking spaces.

Reduce carbon footprint like Version 1

Learn how software delivery provider Version 1 leveraged Wayleadr to decrease the amount of staff driving to work by over 50%.

Automate parking management like Huckletree

Learn how co-working provider Huckletree uses Wayleadr to automate parking management in a busy, flexible working space.

Streamline Desk Booking like ONE Creative Environments

Discover how ONE Creative Environments maximised workstation availability and alleviated admin burden with Wayleadr

Transform Parking Operations like University of Sunderland in London

Learn how the University of Sunderland in London automated parking allocation and integrated access control, saving substantial administrative time with Wayleadr.

Transform parking operations like Seattle Repertory Theatre

How Wayleadr’s Parking Management Software Improved Equitability, Efficiency and Employee Morale

Enhance guest parking experience like Trinity Wealth Partners

Discover how Trinity Wealth Partners uses Wayleadr to create a stress-free parking experience for guests and clients.

Increase parking efficiency like DC Klinieken

Discover how DC Klinieken allocates spaces and tracks parking information with Wayleadr to save 40 hours a month on parking admin.

Increase employee happiness like ACG

Find out how Wayleadr solved the problems and delivered a 99% parking satisfaction rate for ACG’s employees.

Increase parking availability like Origina

Discover how IT support company Origina are using Wayleadr to boost parking availability at the office by 15%.

Boost parking certainty like The Interiors Group

Discover how Wayleadr boosted employee satisfaction by giving employees parking certainty on days they were due to drive to work.

Maximize space like Lemans

Learn how Leman’s increased parking availability by 25% with Wayleadr, increasing employee happiness and decreasing administration costs.

Automate parking management like Castle Trust Bank

Learn how Castle Trust Bank integrated Wayleadr with their parking barrier to maximize the automation of their employee parking.

Automate parking management like 908 Devices

Discover how 908 Devices eliminiated up to 10 hours a week of manual parking management.

Create parking certainty like Vanbreda

Discover how Vanbreda solved their employee parking problems with Wayleadr in just 3 days.

Seamless transition to post-pandemic parking

Discover how Beiersdorf Hellas uses Wayleadr to seamlessly transition to post-pandemic parking at new office location.