• Using your company’s space efficiently can improve the morale and productivity levels of employees.
  • By improving the aesthetics, functionality and the technology used within the workplace, you can enhance your organization’s use of space.
  • Potential improvements include better lighting, decoration, and a better use of car lots. Incorporating feedback from employees into your plans can streamline the process.

As employees return to the office, having the right space is key for the company’s culture and productivity.

But what if your office or workspace is limited? Or what if you’re starting and don’t have the money to invest in a ton of new furniture or equipment?

That’s not an issue, as our 10-step guide can help you make the most of your company’s space.

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Let in the light

Natural light boosts mood and productivity, so open up those blinds and let the sunshine in. If you don’t have enough windows, consider investing in artificial light sources like light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight.

Here are some of the benefits of letting in the sun, according to Cornel University’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis’ Dr. Alan Hedge:

  • Boosts mood.
  • Reduces mistakes.
  • Lessens eye strain.
  • Decreases headaches.
  • Lowers drowsiness.

Aside from the benefits to employees, allowing natural light decreases energy costs and positively influences the environment by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Introduce plants to the space

Plants add a touch of life to any room and help purify the air and boost productivity. But if you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents, cacti, or snake plants.

Per the CIPHR, employees who had plants in their offices reported 44% lower levels of hostility/anger, 38% fatigue, and 37% anxiety/tension, so there’s no question that a little greenery goes a long way.

Create defined spaces

If your office or workspace is open concept, use furniture and decor to create designated areas. Doing this optimizes productivity by giving employees a sense of privacy and focus.

If you don’t have a lot of furniture to work with, get creative with materials, like hanging sheets curtains, rugs, or even paint.

Make it comfortable

It’s hard to be productive when you’re not comfortable, so do whatever you can to make your space more inviting. It might mean investing in new chairs, or a standing desk, or simply making sure the temperature is comfortable.

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the optimal office temperature is 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit. And to Alan Hedge and Cornell University, employees in comfortable environments are happier and more productive. Thus, it’s worth taking the time to get the temperature right.

Keep it clean

A clean space is a productive space. Therefore, make sure to declutter and organize your office or workspace regularly. Doing so reduces distractions and makes it easier to find what you need.

It’s also important to have a system to deal with garbage and recycling. Having one will help keep your space clean and organized, and it’ll be one less thing you have to think about.

Encourage staff to add some personal touches

Encouraging staff to personalize their space can make it feel more comfortable for them. Thus, this can boost productivity. So, encourage them to add photos, artwork, or anything else that makes them happy and comfortable.

Cass Business School reported that 54% of women and 47% of men say art impacts their creativity. Therefore, incorporating art into the workplace – whether it’s personal or professional – can also positively affect ingenuity and efficiency.

Make the most of technology

Consider incorporating online collaboration tools and cloud-based storage if you’re not already using it. This can save you physical space and can be much more efficient than its analogue alternative.

Last mile automation is another easy way to make the most of your space at work. When car space allotment is more efficient, employees are less stress and can concentrate on their jobs.

Last mile automation allows employees to:

  • Check availability.
  • Book spaces.
  • Release parking spots.

It tracks employees’ car parking behavior and usage, which can inform your business to make more informed decisions around space.

Encourage movement

Encourage your employees to move around throughout the day by adding standing desks, yoga balls, or balance boards.

You can also create a walking path around the office or workspace. Incorporating one is a great way to encourage employees to move while also getting them out of their seats and into nature.

Make it inspiring

Your office or workspace should be a place that inspires you to do your best work. Consider incorporating an inspiration board. This is a great way to collect ideas, set goals, and stay creative. But don’t forget to change it up from time to time, so your employees don’t get bored. It is an example of good use of available space.

Get feedback

Finally, it’s important to get feedback from your workers about the office or workspace. After all, they’re the ones who have to use it every day.

Ask them what they think of the layout, what changes they would make, and what they need to be more productive. Then, take their feedback into account and make the necessary changes.


If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your office space, we hope these tips have been helpful. Keep in mind that every business is different and what works for one company might not work for another.

If you’re interested in finding a customized solution that’s perfect for your team, reach out to Wayleadr. We can help you automate your parking lot and create a more efficient and productive workspace with our innovative technology solutions.

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