• When managing a residential building, one of the elements you have to consider is visitor parking management.
  • Wayleadr can provide a visitor parking management solution that includes pre-booking, parking access control, payment options and much, much more.

When it comes to residential car lots, of course those who are living there will want their own spaces, but what about the folks who are only there fleetingly?

Tenants expect to be able to bring guests to their home, but striking the balance between the right amount of parking for residents, and those who are visiting, can be a difficult process.

Of course, the answer is Wayleadr.

Here’s how it can be a great tool for visitor parking management within residential buildings.

Pre-booking software

Did you know that there are eight parking spaces for every car in America?

As you all know, this macro measurement doesn’t tell the full story. We have all been there; driving around the block, because of a lack of decent parking options when visiting a friend or at a certain apartment building.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution. If you are looking for a visitor parking management tool that can help, Wayleadr could be the answer.

That is because it gives residents the option to pre-book a space for their visitors. This cuts out confusion, as the software also gives up-to-speed updates on capacity.

Thus, those who are living within your building are never caught off-guard when their visitors arrive and the lot is full.  

Repurpose spaces

As the above statistic shows, there are more than enough parking spaces out there for the number of cars that are on our roads. However, one persistent problem in both workplaces and residential homes is unused reserved spaces.

If you are driving somewhere on vacation, or leaving town on a work journey that’s going to take a few days, why would you need a empty car space with your name on it?

More to the point, if you are a facilities manager at a residence, why would you want car lot working below full efficiency?

Wayleadr’s smart software frees up these unused spaces and makes visitor parking management a stroll in the park.

Finance renovation projects

Wayleadr’s software can also be used to generate revenue.

If your building has extra spaces, why not offer a park and pay facility to visitors. This is an idea that the residents may get behind if the revenue is used to finance renovation projects. Another option is using finance to improve the overall facility.

Of course, you may be wondering whether paid visitor parking is the option for you. Our experienced team can talk you true some of the upsides and downsides of this measure.

Limit availability at certain times

There are certain times when visitor parking needs to be restricted. Wayleadr is a software that allows you to that.

After all, tenants shouldn’t lose their parking facilities just because there are an abundance of visitors at any given time. With our booking facility, the lot manager can change the amount of spaces allotted to guests on any given day.

For instance, during the holiday periods, there may be more visitors. Also, some of the permanent residents are probable not using their spaces. This is an ideal time to change the amount of spaces allotted to visitors to ensure that the lot is being used at full efficiency.

Align with current security measures

Parking access controls are a key part of managing a car lot. This is as true for a company car lot as it is for a residential one. Thankfully, Wayleadr allows you to integrate your existing controls and manage them from a central system.

Deloitte predicts that over the next 20 years, more than half the miles travelled in the United States could occur in shared vehicles. Thus, the need for efficient access controls for visitors is only going to come more to the fore.

Wayleadr can help guide you on the best way to manage this, as our software has the ability to integrate with any number of existing options that you may have in place, or are considering.

We can provide a visitor parking management solution that includes pre-booking, parking access control, payment options and much, much more. Thus, if you are looking for a way to better manage parking at a residential building, then consider our service.

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