• Car park access control systems significantly improve the overall security and safety of your facility.
  • Wayleadr can integrate its services to improve the overall efficiency of your car park access control systems.

Managing the influx of people in a limited parking facility can be a challenge. However, car park access control systems ensure that this challenge is faced head-on.

car park access control systems

Depending on the type of facility and the amount of space available, a car park access control system may have different functionalities and features. However, the two most important are an access control reader and a parking gate. 

Car park access control systems

RFID card-activated system

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards are similar to key fobs at gyms or hotel room-door cards. The cards are assigned to authorized employees, and just like key fobs, they are scanned at the entrance of the parking facility to grant access. 

License plate readers

A license plate reader at the entrance of the office building automatically scans license plates and only opens the parking gate for authorized cars. 

This system does not need cards or stickers, with the reader can identify recurring parkers and transient users by their plates. The data collected by the camera can improve the security and parking system significantly. 

Video intercoms

A video intercom allows employees to request access. It’s a generally more secure and convenient experience than the old-fashioned intercom. The video feature allows security to visually confirm who they allow into the building. However, it does require staffing, as the process isn’t completely automatic.

Keypad access control system

With a keypad access control system, registered employees are required to enter their assigned code to gain access to the parking lot. This method is quick and effective. 

However, unless it is used alongside another system, there may be a way for unregistered guests to gain access to the office building. 

Bumper/windshield sticker activation system

In this instance, stickers are attached to the employees’ car bumpers or windshields using this system to identify their vehicles and grant them parking space access. When the car is within 25 feet (about 7-8 meters) of the reader, the system detects a code.

Mobile/smartphone access control system 

This is a new system that involves the use of mobile phone-based credentials. With this system, employees have one less thing to carry around, and only need their smartphones to get them in. Another great benefit is that the same credentials can be used across every entry point (elevators, doors, parking lots, and turnstiles) in the office building.

Occupancy tracking and management

Facility managers can count and track cars as they enter and leave in real-time, and set a limit to the gate security system. The occupancy data obtained is used to track and manage the lot’s capacity and observe usage trends to create better park access management control systems.

Cloud-based management technology

This gives property or facility managers real-time access to parking data anywhere. The system records very detailed activity logs of car entry and exit for better reporting and auditing. Cloud-based management technology also improves efficiency and flexibility.

Facility managers can make changes to parking access permissions and add or remove user access to the gate security system at an instant. This is particularly helpful to organizations with multiple offices in giving employees access if they need to change locations. 

Barrier gate system

A barrier gate is an effective way to block vehicles that are not authorized from entering the building. However, some other form of approval process is needed to effectively use this method.

Car park access control systems and Wayleadr

Did you know that Wayleadr‘s software is able to integrate with existing car park access control systems to create an even more securer lot for your business?

Our software allows facility managers to keep an eye on every access point, prevent parking tailgaters, track parking revenue, manage guests, and maximize space in the parking lot.

Take advantage of the most suitable features and use cases parking system by combining them with Wayleadr. Book a demo now and learn how to improve the efficiency and increase the overall effectiveness of your car park access control systems.

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