• Wayleadr is a multi-faceted tool that you can use to manage your workplace environment.

Who is this Wayleadr for? Pretty much anyone who wants to improve the experience of those who are coming and going to a building they manage.

It works well for businesses and residential properties. And it can help reduce stress, improve productivity, and even help the environment.

For those who want to increase car lot space availability

Empty office car lot spaces aren’t uncommon.

This is because businesses often designate certain parking spots for employees based on seniority. However, these can go unused, all the while, the ‘first come, first served’ spots fill up.

Origina experienced this exact scenario in their Dublin headquarters.

They used Wayleadr to increase the efficiency of their parking lot. Our software allowed them to increase parking availability by 15% and thus, increase employee satisfaction dramatically.

For those who want happy employees

An unfortunate fact of life is that many employees spend a lot of time commuting. And this is a fact that doesn’t look like it’s changing.

However, what can change is the last mile of that commute. It can be made much easier through the use of Wayleadr, as it takes much of the hassle and uncertainty out of the journey.

And a happy commuter is often a happy employee.

With Wayleadr, you can efficiently do the following:

  • Parking allocation management;
  • Car park access management;
  • Automate employee parking communications;
  • Car park occupancy management;
  • Car park data & reporting.

Consider Sanofi. They have three Spanish offices with hundreds of staff, limited spaces between them, and a headache from managing it all. They decided to give Wayleadr a go and significantly reduced their parking management problems.

Employees now enjoy the convenience of being able to find and book parking in advance. They simply go to the Wayleadr app and select the days they want parking. And, based on demand and privileges, they are notified the day before if space is available for them and where they should park.

Employee happiness & happy commutes: ebay, CBRE, Indeed

For those who want to put automation first

Automation is the future of parking, and Wayleadr is leading the charge. With our cutting-edge software, you can do everything from parking space release management to a parking space booking system, just like 908 Devices.

908 Devices had been increasing headcount, thus increasing the demand for parking. The problem was their land-use agreement only allowed for a set number of spaces. Therefore, they employed Wayleadr’s real-time parking release management to best use their available slots.

Now, with Wayleadr, 908 Devices eliminated up to 10 hours of manual parking management weekly, cut off-site parking costs, and relish 100% parking occupancy. Imagine how your company could benefit from similar automation.

For those who want to use data

Want to know how many spaces are available in your lot at any given time? Wayleadr can tell you.

Huckletree‘s Dublin office used to share their car park with two other companies. Manual parking was causing too much of a headache, so they closed their lot to staff. Luckily, things turned around when they found Wayleadr.

Huckletree used Wayleadr’s parking capacity facility and they were able to reopen their lot to employees.

For those who want to reduce their carbon footprint

Driving around in circles and finding a parking space emits lots of carbon dioxide and wastes both gas and time. With Wayleadr, you can do your bit to be more environmentally aware.

Take Version 1’s experience in reducing their carbon footprint with Wayleadr. They managed to lessen the number of employees driving to work by 50% and avoided 8 hours of parking admin per week through the software’s booking management, revenue, and sustainability features.

For those who want to generate revenue

With inefficient parking management, businesses like Colliers International spend a huge amount of money on parking.

Wayleadr helped them improve on this and as a result, they were able to reduce this spend by up to €15,000 per office.

For those who want to eliminate admin

Managing employee parking can be a full-time job between monitoring parking, responding to queries, and enforcing the rules. With Wayleadr, you can automate all of that and, as a result, eliminate the need for a parking administrator.

Alstom, like Huckletree, closed their parking to avoid the headache. But, with Wayleadr, they reopened it and automate their parking management. Now, Alstom enjoys 100% parking occupancy.

For those who want to track the needs of a hybrid workforce

Flexible commutes & hybrid working - should I stay or go home?

Not all employees are in the office at the same time. Because of flexible or hybrid working arrangements, the need for parking changes all the time. Wayleadr helps you stay on top of that.

Take The Interiors Group‘s workforce that’s constantly changing. They used Wayleadr’s space utilization feature to see how their parking is used and make changes when necessary.

Wayleadr is for anyone with a need for better car lot management and who wants to improve their employee’s commuting experience.

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