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The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas is a renowned institution dedicated to preserving President Bush's legacy through its library and research initiatives.


The Center faced parking challenges due to limited space and high demand, leading to costly and time-consuming parking searches for staff and visitors.


Wayleadr streamlined parking with efficient management and equitable access, introducing priority tiers and real-time tracking to simplify parking for various user groups.


Wayleadr’s solution reduced parking costs, saved time, ensured fair access for VIPs and staff, and improved operational efficiency, supporting the Center's mission effectively.


The George W. Bush Presidential Center, located in Dallas, Texas, is a leading institution dedicated to preserving President Bush's legacy and fostering public engagement through its library, museum, and research initiatives.


The introduction of Wayleadr at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas stemmed from a strategic need to address parking challenges and promote equitable access to limited parking resources.

With more employees than parking spaces available, the Center faced a pressing issue of imbalance between parking demand and availability.

In an urban area like Dallas, where street parking rates can range from $5 to $20 per hour, and daily rates average $15 to $30, finding suitable parking can prove both costly and time-consuming.

Moreover, prior to Wayleadr's implementation, the process of finding parking lacked efficiency, with users having to navigate multiple lots to check for availability. The centre had a need for differentiating between five different Tiers of leadership which needed to have different parking priorities as well as some being assigned to specific spaces versus others needing to request available ones.


Wayleadr addressed the parking limitations by streamlining parking management and introducing equity. Before Wayleadr, finding parking was costly time-consuming, with users checking multiple lots for availability. With rates in Dallas ranging from $5 to $20 per hour, and daily rates from $15 to $30, this was a significant issue.

Wayleadr improved efficiency by showing availability and occupancy tracking, saving time and frustration. It also introduced a fairer system with five priority tiers, catering to VIPs and Board Members. Special assignments for them were seamlessly integrated, whether guaranteed or upon request. Additionally, Wayleadr was able, upon request from the centre, to differentiate between lots that were solely for employees vs once that were for both employees and visitors.

Looking ahead, Wayleadr and the Center are working together to find the best way to open its parking to the public, potentially generating revenue. For a non-profit like the George W. Bush Presidential Center, Wayleadr's cost-saving measures and operational efficiencies are invaluable, allowing resources to be better allocated to its mission and programs.

“Setup and configuration was quick, easy, and straightforward. The Wayleadr team was highly available and quick to respond anytime we needed assistance - from the start of implementation to the initial rollout of the platform to our team (and beyond).”
- Brian Cossiboom, Vice President, Finance & Operations and Treasurer

Key Benefits

  • Wayleadr streamlined the management of parking spaces, reducing the burden of manually checking availability across multiple lots.

  • By introducing a fairer system with five priority tiers, Wayleadr ensured equitable access to parking spaces, accommodating VIPs, Board Members, and other leadership levels effectively.

  • With features like availability and occupancy tracking, Wayleadr saved visitors time and frustration by providing real-time information, allowing for quicker decision-making on parking choices.

  • Wayleadr helped reduce the overall cost of parking for visitors by offering flexibility in booking options and potentially lowering expenses compared to traditional parking rates in Dallas.

  • Wayleadr seamlessly integrated special parking assignments for VIPs and Board Members, whether guaranteed or upon request, enhancing the parking experience for distinguished users.

  • Wayleadr accommodated the Center's need to differentiate between parking lots designated solely for employees and those for both employees and visitors, ensuring efficient parking allocation.

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