Boost employee parking by up to 40% with the world’s #1 parking software

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Boost employee parking by 40%

Cut 50 hours of monthly admin

Reduce carbon footprint by 22%

Shorten every journey by 8 mins.

Boost employee parking by 40%

Cut 50 hours of monthly admin

Reduce carbon footprint by 22%

Shorten every journey by 8 mins.


Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes

Whether you have 20 or 200,000 spaces, Wayleadr will transform the experience of arriving at your building

Welcome to Wayleadr, the ultimate smart parking software for employee parking management. Say goodbye to manual parking administration and hello to a smart, streamlined approach with our cutting-edge software.

Maximize Parking Availability

Optimize your parking allocation with Wayleadr's intelligent system. Monitor and predict occupancy levels, automatically reassigning underutilized spaces to employees as needed. Boost parking availability by up to 40% with just a few clicks.

Simplify Commuting for Employees

Provide your employees with access to Wayleadr's user-friendly parking app, where they can easily book their spaces in advance. Reduce every employee's journey time by up to 8 minutes and decrease their carbon footprint by 22% with our innovative parking system software.

Automate Parking Management

Say goodbye to manual parking administration and hello to effortless management with Wayleadr. Effortlessly manage your parking lot, freeing up your staff to focus on what they do best. Eliminate up to 50 hours of manual administration every month with our user-friendly software. Get started today!


Wayleadr Works with Your Favorite Tools

Connect Wayleadr with existing hardware & software. Create a streamlined car park management system to optimize employee experience.

Maximize security

Sync Wayleadr with your access control systems to digitize the parking experience. Ensuring only employees with valid bookings can access the car park.

Optimize experience

Unlock the full potential of parking hardware with Wayleadr, leverage our award winning mobile apps to direct employees to empty space in real-time.

Streamline communications

Seamlessly roll-out through SSO. Sync with existing communication and collaborations softwares to maximize the ease and effectiveness of Wayleadr.

We built Wayleadr to help companies of all shapes & sizes.

Whether you have 2 spaces or 200,000, Wayleadr is top of the pile when it comes to smart parking management software as voted by Capterra, G2 & Sourceforge.

Eric van Hout
Head of Facility & Record Management, Sanofi
We used to contract almost 100 spaces off-site, we’ve now been able to reduce this massively. This leads to substantial savings which can be used elsewhere in the company.
Chris Clarke
Business Operations, Version 1
Communicating with people around whether they have a parking spot or not has made a massive difference in allowing people to plan alternative ways to get to work.
Lizzie Hawkins
Operations Director, Sanderso
Wayleadr was extremely easy to set-up and the team were super supportive during the entire process. After we went live, they helped us ensure we were using the app to its absolute best and are always available to answer questions. This is different from other solutions.
Tomás O’Leary
CEO, Origina
Wayleadr opened my eyes to how simple staff parking can be, the number of meetings which used to be hijacked by people complaining about parking was a real drain on time and goodwill. Now you’d never hear anyone talking about parking, it’s all about areas of the business which add value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wayleadr's parking management system uses an app-based solution to help manage employee parking. It offers real-time availability tracking, digital permits, and parking enforcement capabilities.
Wayleadr's parking management system includes features such as real-time availability tracking, digital permits, parking enforcement, analytics, and reporting.

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