Seamless transition to post-pandemic parking

Discover how Beiersdorf Hellas uses Wayleadr to seamlessly transition to post-pandemic parking at new office location.


Beiersdorf is an international skin care company with global leading brands such as NIVEA, NIVEA MEN, Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello and Hansaplast.


Beiersdorf Hellas is the Greek subsidiary of parent company, Beiersdorf. After the COVID-19 pandemic the company made the decision to downsize their office and relocate to a smaller unit.

This new office came with a reduced parking allocation which was a cause for concern for the office team. The Beiersdorf team consists of 50 drivers who had plentiful access to more than 80 spaces in their previous office. In the new building this was reduced to 21 spaces, creating an overdemand of 2:1.


The Wayleadr rollout for Beiersdorf was simple; parking distribution that prioritised a subset of users (based on certain criteria), alongside a reservation system for the rest of staff. All powered by Wayleadr’s algorithm.

Beiersdorf’s users have welcomed this new system with open arms. Their parking approval is currently sitting at 93%. Meanwhile, employees are already commenting on its ‘ease of use’ and ‘great service.’

Key Benefits

  • Wayleadr's parking management solution was a no-brainer for the Beiersdorf office team. It has facilitated the automatic and fair allocation of spaces amongst staff, ensuring that there is no manual intervention needed.

  • Most interestingly, it has revealed the actual demand for parking amongst staff and exposed the oversupply at the previous building.

  • Originally, the team was concerned there would not be enough spaces at their new office. However, insights provided by Wayleadr have proven the opposite. The Wayleadr solution has saved Beiersdorf hundreds of euro which could have been spent leasing additional spots offsite.

“Wayleadr made the transition to our new office really simple. It has avoided the need for us to lease additional spaces offsite, whilst automating spaces efficiently amongst staff. Everyone wins!”
- IT Operations Manager

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