• Tandem parking saves a lot of space as a result of sharing the same dedicated space.
  • For tandem parking to be effective, it requires management

What is tandem parking?

Tandem parking is where two cars share the same dedicated space.

Adopting this system to secure more space and save the cost of paying for a private parking lot is an option many businesses and residents choose. However, as two people (and sometimes more) share one space, it requires management.

In tandem car parking, two vehicles can park beside each other in one space designed for two vehicles. Many experts believe that tandem parking is inevitable in busy urban settings.

When there is a lack of space and prices are high, parking managers often have to choose between tandem parking and investing in more spaces.

Best ways to manage tandem parking

Controlling parking of this nature might be difficult, but Wayleadr is a huge help.

Effective communication

Spontaneous needs and issues are unavoidable. However, with Wayleadr, the users of tandem parking can book spaces in advance and communicate effectively with those who share the space using Wayleadr’s Nudge feature.

And if your plans changed, you can use Wayleadr’s software to communicate this too. Our software ensures that changes are reported as soon as they occur and users get notified.

Rotational method 

Sometimes when this type of parking is used, there are more than just two users. If users’ schedules are similar to their parking partners, Wayleadr can help organize a rota for the spot which is more beneficial.

Our software allows parking managers to set-up schedules, communicate this effectively with users, and overall increase efficiency.

Implement rules and regulations

When it comes to this type of parking, it is important that those using it are doing it within the rules. Wayleadr can help you with this, as our software can help implement measures that will help you manage your spaces in a better fashion.

Using this, you can save space, but it requires management. Wayleadr can help you with this.

Wayleadr can help you on this front, as our software provides a service where you can effectively communicate with users. In doing so, you can ensure that spaces are pre-booked or put within a rota.

You can also implement policies and procedures and use different measures to ensure that these are adhered to.

Contact us today for more information about how Wayleadr can help you to manage tandem parking spaces.

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