Navigating parking management software can be tough.

There are so many types of car park software, and all of them are telling you that they can transform your car park overnight.

However, what type of parking management system do you need?

Here’s a simple explainer which breaks down what each type of car park management software does. Giving you an in-depth understanding of the benefits of using the different solutions

1. Parking Lot Management

Airports and shopping centres are an example of traditional car parks. These car parks are managed by parking lot management software.

Parking lot management software is principally for data and reporting. They give car parks real-time visibility of occupancy, access control and revenue.

Parking lot management software providers are focusing on integrating with parking hardware. This includes barriers, gates, licence plate recognition and parking sensors to give a more comprehensive picture of parking.

Parking lot management software is a must-have if you are a revenue-generating car park. It enables you to underpin your operations and decision-making with commercial insights.

2. Employee Parking Software

In the US for every 1,000 square feet of office space, there are 1,000 square feet of office parking.

This is a massive amount of parking space.

Traditionally this parking space has been managed in an ad-hoc manner by facilities, real estate and HR professionals. The good news is that technology now has the answers.

Employee parking software like Wayleadr automates and optimises parking management for companies of all sizes.

Key features of staff parking software focus on:

  • Managing occupancy
  • Automating allocation
  • Data & reporting
  • Violation management
  • Access control

Leading employers like Uber, Ebay & Sanofi use Wayleadr to solve their parking problems.

If you are a company with a parking lot you really should be looking for employee parking software. It will make it easier and more efficient to manage parking at the office.

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3. Automatic

An automatic parking management system is a form of high-tech technology which parks cars more efficiently. These are often underpinned by software which motorists use to manage parking experiences.

Most often, these systems take one of two forms. A robotic valet system, or the more common parking lifts which are very common in high-density areas.

Automatic parking management systems can park cars in a more compact manner. This means car park operators can increase revenue by parking more cars.

Automatic parking management systems work best in revenue orientated car parks. Particularly car parks where cars will be left sitting for long periods of time e.g. airports.

4. Automated

Automated parking management software is any software which minimizes human input.

Many car parks employ a parking attendant.

The attendant checks tickets & manages people who have overstayed and opens and closes the barrier.

Technology is now making the need to employ full-time car park attendants redundant. Companies are using automated parking management solutions to cut down on employee costs and increase efficiency.

Most general parking lot management software will have all the key automated parking management features you need to manage a commercial car park.

While the majority of employee parking software has the features needed to manage office parking.

5. Intelligent Parking Software

Intelligent parking management software is a solution that integrates with intelligent parking management systems.

These systems are networks of sensor and camera-based technologies. They direct drivers to the parking spaces as effectively as possible.

Sensors and cameras are becoming more and more popular among busy car park managers. People who wish to minimise the amount of cruise time in their car parks.

To optimise efficiency, sensors and cameras work best with software which guides motorists to parking spaces.

Intelligent parking management solutions are popular with car parks that experience high volumes of motorists during short time frames.

For example, Sanofi came to us with 3 offices. Parking demand was always high in these offices, resulting in the company spending more and more on space. However, spaces always seemed to be empty.

We rolled out our Wayleadr software to reduce the size of car parks without impacting employees. This a massive successs for Sanoif & allowed Sanofi to stop contracting upwards of 100 off-site parking spaces.

Reducing car lot usage in a strategic manner - Sanofi case study
Reduce car usage in a strategic way with Wayleadr

7. Parking Permit

Traditionally, managing parking privileges and permit systems has been quite cumbersome. This is a very manual process with two key types of parking permit management.

  • Residential parking permit management
    Very popular in apartment complexes. This is used to manage people who have access to the resident’s car parks.
  • Employee parking permit management
    Companies are in a constant state of flux with employees starting and leaving, getting promoted and changing roles. This makes managing who is entitled to staff parking tough.

Wayleadr is leading the field here, making it simple to manage parking privileges. Companies can even go one step further by helping companies allocate space to other staff when permit holders are out of office.

8. Revenue Management Software

Most general parking lot management systems have revenue-tracking software built into them.

But now, there is a growing trend of software disruptors broadening this space for commercial car park owners and operators.

Parking management software like Wayleadr is now being embraced by office & facilities managers to grow revenues.

These parking apps have two main functions. Firstly, they build massive communities of motorists who are looking for parking. This provides car parks a channel to advertise their spaces and deals to drivers. Secondly, they provide car parks with a way to increase revenue from under-used spaces.

If you are a car park owner with empty space, revenue management software disruptors can help.

9. Car Park Control Software

Car park control systems or software is designed to manage entry and exit into car parks.

There are two types of software in question here:

  • Enforcement software
    This is used in car parks where there are no gates or barriers. Car park managers run licence plate numbers through parking enforcement software to discover whether a car is entitled to be parked on-site.

    If the licence plate has been logged by the parking enforcement software, the car park attendant will take the necessary measures to penalize the driver e.g. parking ticket.

    There are lots of different types of parking enforcement software and most car park operators will have a specific preference.
  • Access control software
    This controls how people enter and exit the car park.

    Very popular for companies, this style of software allows people to enter and exit car parks using their phones.

    It is rapidly replacing access cards and fobs in a lot of car parks.

Access control software for car parks can really boost security. It ensures that only certain people can access at certain times.

This is very useful for companies who want to make parking available to certain staff on certain days but not every day.

To see access control software in action, schedule a free demo with Wayleadr.

10. Smart Parking Management System

Smart parking management software is a bit of a catch-all term for any of the above.

Basically smart parking management systems are anything which leverages the power of the internet to make it easier to manage to park.

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For more information on smart parking technology, parking technology for offices or to learn how to solve parking problems at your workplace check out these handy guides.


In this article, we have provided a comprehensive overview of the various types of parking management software available in the market.

We have talked about the key features and benefits of each type of software, making it easier for readers to identify the most appropriate solution for their needs.

Wayleadr is trusted by world-leading employers like Uber, Universal Music, CBRE, eBay, Sanofi & Colliers International. Schedule a demo with today and solve your parking problems in the click of a button.

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