Manage multiple sites like Sanofi

Discover how Sanofi uses Wayleadr to seamlessly optimize parking management across a portfolio of offices.


With 100,000 employees across the world, Sanofi is an innovative, global leader in Healthcare.


Parking demand was always high, resulting in the company spending more and more on dedicated space for all drivers. However, it was clear that this was inefficient and costly as space was not being used.


Roll out Wayleadr to reduce the number of leased car parks without impacting employees’ commuting needs.

Key Benefits

Allowed Sanofi to stop contracting upwards of 100 off-site parking spaces leading to a six-figure saving each year.


Sanofi has in excess of 100,000 employees across the globe. They are the fifth biggest pharmaceutical company in the world. While many of their commercial offices were closed for periods during the COVID pandemic, production facilities were deemed essential, and remained open.

About Problem

Sanofi had three offices in Spain, two in Barcelona and one in Madrid. Traditionally all staff had access to parking spaces at work, on-site or off-site. This was proving difficult to manage. Parking was becoming more and more expensive, costing €80 – €100 for a monthly parking space. Parking demand always seemed to be high, in spite of commuter benefits programmes being offered to reduce car dependency. Yet, the car park seemed to be always half empty which was a cause of frustration for the facilities team. Sanofi were also actively looking to reduce their office size and as a company who embraced the power of digital, wanted to leverage technology to make sure they had the perfect amount of space for their employees. Sanofi were very excited about how this could improve the employee experience around parking, which often came with negative connotations.

“Due to the ease of use, employees have adopted the app quickly and they really like using Wayleadr. Feedback has shown staff are really honest that we have a fair and transparent parking management solution”

- Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management, Sanof

About Solution

Sanofi extensively surveyed the market and were looking for the software they felt was easiest to use, quickest to set-up and had the best mobile app experience. They decided to go with Wayleadr and have since set-up their global offices with the software. All parking spaces have now been numbered and staff have been grouped based on their parking privileges. While quick and simple staff training was made available to all employees. Staff now simply go to the app, select the days they want parking and based on demand and their privileges, they are notified the day before if a space is available for them and where they should park. Sanofi also uses Wayleadr to manage 8 EV charging spaces across its Barcelona and Madrid locations, in response to the growing adoption of electric vehicles. Wayleadr enabled Sanofi to effectively rotate the use of these EV chargers, ensuring fair allocation among employees. This approach ensured optimal utilization of the EV charging facilities, contributing to Sanofi’s commitment to sustainability and employee convenience.

“We used to contract almost 100 spaces off-site, we’ve now been able to reduce this massively. This leads to substantial savings which can be used elsewhere in the company”

- Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management, Sanofi

Key Benefits

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