Master Parking For Your Hybrid Workforce like Associated Engineering

Discover How Associated Engineering Redefined Parking for their Hybrid Work Model with Wayleadr


Associated Engineering, a leader in engineering and project management, spans over 75 years and operates from 21 offices across Canada.


Inefficiencies in parking, coupled with a growing hybrid workforce, led to a substantial waitlist and underutilization of spaces.


Implementing Wayleadr resolved the parking waitlist in two weeks, introducing data-driven insights and wayfinding technology to support their hybrid work model.


Complete resolution of parking waitlists, flexible parking options for a hybrid workforce, reduced administrative burdens, improved employee satisfaction, and enhanced operational efficiency.


With a history spanning over 75 years and a presence across Canada through 21 offices, Associated Engineering has established itself as a leader in providing engineering and project management services.


Before implementing Wayleadr, Associated Engineering faced a significant challenge with an overwhelming parking waitlist and inefficient use of their available parking spaces. This issue was particularly pressing in the context of their evolving hybrid workforce model.

The absence of tangible data on parking usage meant that the company couldn’t effectively gauge or manage their parking resources, often leading to underutilization of the available space.

This inefficiency and lack of clarity around parking availability created a daily operational challenge, leading to frustration among employees who were seeking more flexibility.


The introduction of Wayleadr was a game-changer for Associated Engineering. Within just two weeks of implementing the application, the persistent parking waitlist issue was completely resolved.

The Wayleadr system not only provided crucial data-driven insights into parking usage but also introduced innovative features like wayfinding technology. This technology allowed employees to navigate effortlessly from their homes right to their designated parking spots.

The flexibility and efficiency brought by Wayleadr’s solution were particularly beneficial in supporting the company’s transition to a hybrid work model. The system’s ability to adapt to varying daily parking needs meant that it could accommodate the fluid nature of a workforce that was no longer bound to the office five days a week, thus solving a key logistical challenge in the new era of work.

“We had quite a substantial waitlist for our parking before we implemented the Wayleadr application. And within 2 weeks of implementation, we had been able to accommodate parking for everybody that had been on that list… Wayleadr has really offered us the opportunity to support a hybrid work model.”

- Megan Roy, Business Support Administrator at Associated Engineering

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