Transform Parking Operations like University of Sunderland in London

Learn how the University of Sunderland in London automated parking allocation and integrated access control, saving substantial administrative time with Wayleadr.

Main Benefit Wayleadr Brought:

About University of Sunderland in London

Based in the Canary Wharf area, the University of Sunderland in London offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses on a range of subjects, including Business, Tourism, Nursing and MBA courses. The University’s campus occupies a five-story building with an underground parking facility.


The University of Sunderland in London has an underground parking facility. Its users relied on an email booking system to try to get access to parking each day. Keeping track of bookings, identifying available parking spaces, and accommodating changes in people’s calendars proved to be a considerable administrative burden. This system provided minimal flexibility and often resulted in vacant spaces despite users being unable to secure bookings for certain days. To add to the complexity, some of their spaces were very small and could only accommodate certain vehicle types.


With Wayleadr in place:

Wayleadr Connect is a small accessory device that can be fitted to any gate. The device allows Wayleadr to sync up with who can open the barrier, and allows users to open the gate all from our app. The Wayleadr Connect access control solution has improved the security of the facility and also provides a comprehensive record of unused bookings, enabling proactive measures to combat this issue and maximise the optimal use of the parking lot.

With the ability to manage car sizes and spaces through Wayleadr’s allocation, it has meant the parking lot spaces are optimally filled, and those with larger vehicles have a space they can use.

The University’s adoption of Wayleadr has not only improved their current parking operations but also positioned them for a seamless transition to a new building next year. By using the data and insights collected from their parking with Wayleadr, the university is well equipped to manage the challenge posed by the reduced parking lot and continue to provide a positive parking experience.


The University of Sunderland now enjoys a seamlessly integrated parking system that empowers users, optimises parking space utilisation, enhances security, and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.

“Wayleadr has saved university colleagues valuable time every day through the automation of the car park booking process. The facility is now used much more efficiently, including assigning appropriate spaces to different vehicle types and sizes. Colleagues have found the app very easy to use to book and release parking spaces. Being able to see the available space and make bookings without having to wait on anyone else has been an absolute joy for everyone.”

- Wouter Bouwer, Assistant Head of Student Administration and Systems

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