Automate parking management like Castle Trust Bank

Learn how Castle Trust Bank integrated Wayleadr with their parking barrier to maximize the automation of their employee parking.

About Castle Trust Bank

Castle Trust Bank is a provider of savings accounts, specialist mortgages and retail finance based in the United Kingdom.


The co-ordination and sharing physical access cards had made it too difficult for Castle Trust Bank to manage parking manually.

Solution digitized & automated all aspects of employee parking management from exit & entry all the way through to allocation.

Key Benefits

The company was able to maximize its available parking spaces accomplishing an 80% occupancy rate. All employees were able to get a parking space when they needed it.


For offices located in Belvedere House, Basing View, Basingstoke, parking availability was definitely a huge problem for professionals working in the area.

A guaranteed parking spot was considered a valuable employee benefit at Castle Trust Bank. In fact, lack of parking spaces was cited as one of the major pain points in Glassdoor reviews from several current and former company employees.

Castle Trust Bank had two parking sites, one of which used barrier gate access cards. Allocation of guaranteed parking spaces was the issue, the demand for which exceeded supply. When access card holders were absent, there was no way to allocate their parking space to other employees and their valuable parking space was left idle.

Then came the pandemic, and a new way of work scheduling: the hybrid work setup. Employees with guaranteed parking slots came in a few days a week, while others were fully working remotely.

“We literally had 55 spaces that were empty – that we couldn’t use”

- Sue Kitley, Personal Assistant to Castle Trust Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Technology & Operations Officer

Even when they didn’t need to work from the office five days a week, employees with a guaranteed parking space were reluctant to give up their spot, in case they wouldn’t have one available should their plans change and they needed to come into the office.

With underutilized parking spaces combined with employees clamoring for a slot, Castle Trust Bank management knew that they needed to change the way they managed parking.


Sue Kitley needed to accomplish several tasks related to parking:

Clearly, management using a manual spreadsheet was no longer sustainable.

Castle Trust Bank needed a parking management system that could allow them to handle everything – automating exit & entry, optimizing space allocation and monitoring usage. Of course, it needed to be a software that prioritized security and was easy to use and implement.

The company decided to go with, as it ticked all the boxes above and more:

Parking slot reservations for the following week are submitted every Friday morning, and users get confirmation by the afternoon.

“When there was a change (with the parking system) at the beginning, there was a bit of nervousness about it. But then employees realized that they can still park and it was not a hassle. They had the space when they needed it. Change is always unsettling to some at first, but when they realize it’s working, it’s fine. The fact that everything was done on an app, it was so easy.”

- Sue Kitley, Personal Assistant to Castle Trust Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Technology & Operations Officer

Employees who previously did not want to give up their guaranteed parking space found that their fears were unfounded. With the use of, everyone who needed a parking slot always got one.

As more employees are expected to start reporting back to work, the company feels confident that parking slot allocation will no longer be a headache, as they have as their reliable and robust parking management partner.

Key Benefits

“I think Wayleadr is just so easy to use. You guys are so helpful- you are always there when we need you. It’s just an amazing app – I can’t sing its praises enough. I would definitely recommend it. Setup was not difficult. Definitely, so easy to use.”
- Sue Kitley, Personal Assistant to Castle Trust Bank’s Managing Director and Chief Technology & Operations Officer

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