Adaptable Corporate Commuting for Today's Workforce With WayShuttle

Meet the changing demands of urban commuting with our integrated shuttle system.

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The Choice of the 21st Century Company

Transforming Commuter Experiences

Forget complicated travel plans. WayShuttle offers a straightforward, quick and sustainable way for employees to get to the office . With real-time tracking, you’ll always know when your shuttle arrives, keeping your day stress-free and on schedule.

Manage All Your Shuttle Operations in One Place

WayShuttle makes managing a shuttle programme straightforward and efficient. Access clear, up-to-date information on how many people are using the service and how well different routes are performing. This information helps you make practical decisions to improve your services. Scheduling and route adjustments become simpler, leading to better experiences for everyone.

Driver-Focused Technology

Ensuring a smooth and timely journey for every passenger starts with empowering our drivers. That’s why we offer a bespoke app created specifically for drivers. This takes the hassle out of route management and navigation, allowing drivers to focus on safe driving and on-time arrivals.

Elevating The Employee Shuttle Experience with WayShuttle’s All-In-One Service

Optimize your shuttle network for scheduling, routing, and vehicle capacity, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Whether it’s a single shuttle or a fleet, WayShuttle scales to meet your specific needs.

Access to dashboards for tracking usage, on-time performance, and cost trends.

A familiar, user-friendly platform that delivers predictable, stress-free travel experiences, with 24/7 customer support.

Support your sustainability goals by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


Wayleadr Works with Your Favorite Tools

Effortlessly connect with systems you already use, enhancing your team’s day-to-day experience without any rip and replace.

Gates & Barrier

Sync Wayleadr with your access control systems to digitize the parking experience. Ensuring only employees with valid bookings can access the car park.

Parking Sensors & Cameras

Unlock the full potential of parking hardware with Wayleadr, leverage our award winning mobile apps to direct employees to empty space in real-time.

Internal Communications

Seamlessly roll-out through SSO. Sync with existing communication and collaborations softwares to maximize the ease and effectiveness of Wayleadr.

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Transform your corporate commuting today.

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