Transform parking operations like Seattle Repertory Theatre

How Wayleadr’s Parking Management Software Improved Equitability, Efficiency and Employee Morale


Seattle Repertory (Rep) Theatre is one of Seattle’s largest not-for-profit performing arts institutions, established 60 years ago. With hundreds of artists and 300-400 volunteers, the theatre produces 8-10 shows every year, attracting 150,000 visitors annually.


Seattle Rep faced a longstanding parking problem, with an inequitable allocation of parking spots and a 6:1 demand-to-supply ratio. This created frustration and made people feel undervalued, affecting their morale and how they felt about the organization.

“Wayleadr certainly proved to be the right parking management software for us, I mean, look at my plaque, it’s clearly worked out. I hear almost nothing about people being upset about parking or transportation here and to have gotten that off the table has been a huge relief to me. It just allowed us to focus more on the work that we do here which is incredible.”

- Jeff Herrmann, Managing Director, Seattle Rep
The Jeffrey Herrmann Parking Lot (Est. 2022)


Jeff Herrmann, the Managing Director of Seattle Rep, discovered Wayleadr when researching parking management software online. He compared Wayleadr with other parking management software and found that Wayleadr provided a flexible solution to the organization’s parking problem.

Wayleadr’s allocation algorithm made parking equitable and easy to manage, saving time and making the parking process seamless and efficient.

Seattle Rep could now allocate parking to production trucks and easily provide access to new people joining productions.

Wayleadr’s Gerard Keenan and Terence Kaplan on-site, checking out the Jeffrey Herrmann Parking Lot with Jeff in 2023, before heading inside to soak up the Theatre’s rich history.

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