Maximize space like Lemans

Learn how Leman’s increased parking availability by 25% with Wayleadr, increasing employee happiness and decreasing administration costs.


An innovative law firm in Dublin city centre with 40 staff.


10 spaces being operated on a first come, first served basis was leading to employee tension.


Wayleadr’s booking management and allocation features ensured car park was optimized for employees.


Increase of 50% in the amount of people accessing parking at the office.

About Leman Solicitors

This innovative and progressive firm was founded in 2007 and has over 40 staff at its Dublin city centre headquarters on Percy Place, where parking is very much at a premium. This firm has grown significantly over the past few years, at a rate of 25% year on year. With a special focus on technology, this ISO9001 certified firm is committed to excellence in all aspects of business operations.

Key Concerns For The Client

While a significant number of Leman staff cycle, walk or use public transport, there are also a significant number of drivers. With only 10 spots to share, and a number of these reserved for Partners of the business, this leads to a shortage, and the subsequent challenge. Available spaces had been tracked using an Excel spreadsheet, which was managed internally. This required frequent updating, and failed to take into consideration a number of every-day factors like visitors, absences, last-minute cancellations etc.

Drivers used spots on a ‘first come first serve basis’ and there was plenty of wastage. The system wasn’t perfect, and people would often drive to work hoping to get a spot, unsure if they would be one of the lucky ones, leading to frustration and out of pocket expense.

About Solution

Wayleadr was implemented for Leman Solicitors within a few hours. Once the office manager adds availability, an email is sent to both priority and non priority staff, with everyone able to respond according to their needs with one click. With parking now allocated, the dashboard automatically updates, and people are able to claim their allocated space. If a space is freed up, it is offered in a fair and equitable way to someone in need.

“Setup was straightforward, and easy to do” according to Kerrie, Leman’s Office Manager. “Feedback from staff has been brilliant, the app is great and it’s a much fairer system than before, where it was first come first served. Now our staff can plan their day, it’s so handy, while before, driving in was simply a risk. Before we started using the service, we would often have 4 or 5 spots each day going to waste, with staff paying a lot to park on street. Now we use all our spaces, all the time.”

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