Boost parking certainty like The Interiors Group

Discover how Wayleadr boosted employee satisfaction by giving employees parking certainty on days they were due to drive to work.


The Interiors Group are one of New Zealand’s most respected retailers specializing in flooring & window furnishing solutions.


Parking availability at the office was very unpredictable and employees were often left paying for parking off-site which was causing unnecessary tension and annoyance.


The Interiors Group rolled out Wayleadr to automate and optimize parking bookings and allocations.


Massive increase in employee satisfaction as staff are now guaranteed parking for days they need to drive to work.


With over 600 employees, The Interiors Group is one of New Zealand’s largest retailers. They specialize in flooring & window furnishing solutions and transforming New Zealand’s living spaces.


The Interiors Group’s employee car park was very unpredictable. Some days it was practically empty while other days it filled long before 9 am. A large volume of staff who regularly work in retail outlets and only visit headquarters occasionally meant predicting and managing parking flow was tough.

Employee’s often drove to work expecting space to be available and end up having to drive around local car parks looking for somewhere to pay and park as the staff car park was full.


The Interiors Group rolled out Wayleadr’s full optimization and automation solution to tackle their parking challenges. All staff were permitted to book a parking space as they needed it on-site. The Wayleadr algorithm allocated the spaces based on the business needs of the Interiors Group.

Wayleadr automated all parking communications with staff and also provided staff with the ability to check parking availability and occupancy in real-time, anytime, any place.

“I have to say I was surprised by just how much functionality you could pack into a parking app but once our business started using it in earnest, it was immediately clear it’s all absolutely necessary.”

- Adam Cooke - Head of IT

Key Benefits

“Wayleadr manages to cover every base when it comes to features and there are still more on the way. There is even the option to interact with parking entry systems for further ease of use.”

- Adam Cooke - Head of IT

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