Create parking certainty like Vanbreda

Discover how Vanbreda solved their employee parking problems with Wayleadr in just 3 days.

Main Benefit Wayleadr Brought

Vanbreda Luxembourg were looking for a quick, straight-forward solution where its employees could download an app and have an intuitive, user-friendly interface to access parking.

Wayleadr provided a low cost solution, where Vanbreda could be added to our platform, given instructions on how to configure their own settings and add their employees all within a day.


Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is the largest Belgian and leading insurance broker and risk consultant in the Benelux, with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Their Luxembourg office provides high-quality insurance broker services for public and corporate organizations, independents and consumers. At the start of the project they had 9 parking spaces at their Luxembourg office with a growing team of 17 employees. 3 of those spaces were allocated to specific employees in an underground garage. 6 spaces were free to be used by clients or employees.

Vanbreda’s approach


As Luxembourg is the country with the highest car ownership rate in the EU, it is unsurprising that parking is a commodity that is extremely valuable to employers. Furthermore Luxembourg has an extremely large number of cross-border workers. 200 000 people travel into Luxembourg each day to go to work while the country itself has only around 650 000 inhabitants.

Vanbreda noticed that because it never was clear for the employees if they could benefit from a parking space before they left home, they often decided to come by car anyway. If on their arrival all spaces were taken, they had to spend a lot of time to find a space in the surrounding village or drive to the closest park & ride that is 3 km away and take the bus back. In December the village announced that free parking would end in most of the surroundings. This would aggravate the problem for the employees. Furthermore, the employees living farthest away had even less chance to find a space which was illogical.

Clients often were unable to park at the office and would also no longer be able to park easily in the surroundings.

The Account Managers of Vanbreda who needed to visit multiple clients and often came back to the office between meetings were then unable to find a space which made their day less efficient.

When the employees benefiting from a reserved space these were often left empty during their absence not benefiting to the other employees.


After Vanbreda checked out the possibilities of Wayleadr one our consultants analyzed their needs and helped them to define the correct offer. The instruction videos, intuitive interface and personalized assistance allowed Vanbreda to go from signing up to go live in less than three days. Vanbreda created 3 different parking zones : one for users with a reserved space, one for employees on demand and one client space.

“Although employees were a bit hesitant at first, they quickly understood the benefits of the new system. Now, they know when they do not have an available space and they take public transport or drive directly to the Park & Ride. When the employees with a reserved space are absent their space is always used by the other employees and the algorithm makes that everyone is treated fairly. Account Managers know they have a space coming back to the office and clients generally can park on the client space. Overall it is a very well designed and easy solution for a very reasonable price.”

- Wessel van Waveren Managing Director

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