Return To Office Transportation Playbook

The world’s leading resource for planning how your colleagues travel back to work safely. Featuring expert insights from 15+ thought leaders from the worlds of mobility, real estate and transport management.

This eBook helps answer questions like:

More about this playbook:

A recent McKinsey report showed commuter confidence in transport options has changed radically over the last course of the pandemic with only 7% of respondents believing public transport is a safe way to travel.

This is raising serious questions for many employers who need to figure out alternative ways to attract staff back to the office.

The publication features contributions from a host of leading voices in the mobility, real estate and transport industries including Kathryn Hagerman Medina (Ride Amigos), Carl Pittam (Ubeeqo), Will O’Brien (Zipp Mobility), Sarah McCartan (CitySwift) & Hugh Cooney (Bleeper Bikes).

Key Insights Include:
  • The increasing demand for parking and e-bikes as employees avoid public transport in the short-term.

  • The challenges facing micro-mobility operators who are often used by public transport users to complete journeys.

  • The steps public transport operators are taking to restore confidence to their services as a mode of employee transportation.