• Car park monitoring services are a great way to pinpoint what may be causing parking problems and put a plan in place to resolve them. 
  • This can increase morale in employees and even cause some staff to choose to stay in certain roles.

Car park monitoring services are designed to give businesses insight into employee parking patterns.

Wayleadr’s software is an industry leader in this area, with our product being consistently used to ensure that businesses are efficient and their employees are happy.

Happy commutes

Car parking monitoring is a great way to pinpoint what may be causing parking problems in your business. From there, you can put a plan in place to resolve them. 

Car parking monitoring services are especially useful when looking at issues that are impacting employee satisfaction. This can provide information like which spaces are most popular, the average driving distance for employees, and which spaces are underutilized.

A lack of car parking monitoring services can lead to issues around security, as well as inefficiency, and a feeling from employees that they are not valued.

However, with Wayleadr, you can avoid those problems and provide a convenient, hassle-free experience, for employees.

Of course, some issues are unavoidable – such as spaces being full and essential maintenance. Our car parking monitoring services can keep your employees up-to-date during these instances and ensure they are informed and feel valued.

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How car park monitoring services can help retain staff

Get the data you need

Every business has a responsibility to provide its employees and customers with a good parking experience. This involves ensuring that security measures are comprehensive and that employees can use the facilities. 

Our system provides a better experience, a free-flowing environment, and useful data on 24/7 occupancy levels, site visitors, and much more. 

Ensure staff are safe

Every business should consider how utilizing car park monitoring services can improve their lot’s security. They can be used to ensure that only authorized personal are using them, as well as to make sure that the right staff are using the right spaces.

Increases overall efficiency

If your employees are not paying attention to their work due to parking problems, interruptions, inefficiency, and staff tension are typical outcomes.

You can improve employee productivity by making sure that everyone knows that the lot is correctly managed and monitored.

Saves your business money

Parking spaces for staff can be expensive in most cases. Making the most of car park monitoring services is a great way to reduce this cost, as you can make the best of the spaces you have.

For instance, you can release spaces that are reserved, but not being used, etc. You can also share real-time information about the lot, so staff know how busy it is and can book a space if needed.

This stress-free, egalitarian, and time-saving method of finding a parking space improves employee satisfaction. It also raises the organization’s desirability.

Staff turnover can be very costly and cause a lot of disruption to businesses, especially if it happens suddenly. One of the main reasons employees leave their current job is because they are not happy dealing with parking problems at work. 

Therefore, you need to make sure that your staff are happy in their roles and are getting the desired results. Car park monitoring services are one of the easiest ways to do this. Contact us today for more info…

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