• Car park equipment can improve efficiency, safety, and management processes.
  • An increase in staff morale, efficiency and a decrease in car park admin hours, can offset cost.
  • An integrated system ensures you are making the most of your car park equipment.
  • 908 Devices and Castle Trust Bank both employed the services of Wayleadr. This led to greater efficiency and improved employee satisfaction.
  • Wayleadr can sync with existing software and hardware car park equipment to improve all elements of efficiency.

Let’s face it; if your car park was perfect, there would be no need to even consider changing it. However, here you are, considering the installation of car park equipment.

There is enough information out there to show the benefits. Whether it be software or hardware, car park equipment can improve the efficiency, safety, and the management processes of your lot.

Of course, you may be considering cost, integration and user experience. Thankfully for you, solutions exist that can combine all of the benefits, while erasing (or at least minimizing) any concerning factors.

Is car park equipment right for your business?  

Your carpark might be OK at the moment, but is it reaching its full potential?

Management Today penned an interesting article on the importance of car lot management. This article made points on employee satisfaction and retention, and how an efficient lot can play a big part in that.

It concluded that “the office car park is clearly more important than we thought it was” and that a company’s response to issues in their lot “can send signals about (their outlook on employees) and indeed shape company culture”.

Of course, car park equipment is an element of this, as it can make your office’s employees safer, while improving overall efficiency.

By installing car park equipment, you can also increase productivity, as you’ll have a happier group of employees. Not only that, but automating certain lot functions via equipment can lead to a decrease in admin hours.

However, installing this equipment without the integrated software to control it is a bit like having an electric toothbrush with no batteries in it.

Sure, it may still work, but are you getting the most out of it?

Car park equipment for my office

Access control systems are often the first port of call for facilities managers considering the installation of car park equipment.

This is equipment that controls how vehicles enter and exit your lot. These systems should ensure that no unauthorized vehicles enter and that cars on the lot are kept safe.

Gates and physical barriers are the most common forms of access control systems for office car parks. These are often automated, but in the past, manual access control systems where an attendant moved the barrier were more common.

These days, these systems are often integrated with other forms of technology.

Examples include electronic ticketing, contactless RFID technology, licence plate recognition, and mobile phone-based solutions.

Other popular car park equipment includes the likes of parking sensors and cameras, which can track occupancy and ensure there are no spaces being unused or under-utilized.

Internal communications and equipment

If you are to realise the full potential of installing this equipment, you will also need to ensure your internal communications is on point. Ideally, you’ll be looking for a software that can sync with your parking equipment.

For instance, there is little point in tracking occupancy if your staff aren’t made aware of free spaces. Likewise, access control systems aren’t much use if staff members are sharing access cards.

Improve efficiency and reap the benefits

Wayleadr’s technology enables you to sync existing hardware & software car park equipment to ensure a streamlined employee experience.

Below are a couple of examples where Wayleadr improved the overall parking experience, by making the most of an organisation’s car park equipment.

908 Devices & Wayleadr

908 Devices is an American medical devices company, whose staff were constantly unsure of whether or not there would be available car parking spaces at their office. That was before they integrated their entire car parking process with Wayleadr.

After doing that, they were able to keep staff up-to-date with communication around reservation management, automated management and real-time availability. Wayleadr ensured they were getting the most from their car parking tools, and in-turn, the company’s car lot is no longer a victim of the organization’s success.

Ritu Joshi, a member of the 908 Devices team, discussed the differences before and after the change.

He said: “I used to leave the house every morning not knowing what was in store. I’d spend the first two hours of every morning dealing with parking. It can be stressful work telling some people that they aren’t allowed to park and it is easy to be perceived as picking favorites. Now with Wayleadr, this all happens like clockwork. There is a clear and transparent system which everybody has got behind”

Revamp your employee parking operations

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Castle Trust Bank & Wayleadr

Castle Trust Bank is another company who introduced Wayleadr to reap the benefits of their car park equipment. Prior to introducing Wayleadr, they were struggling with the uncertainty around staff members sharing access cards.

However, when Wayleadr digitized and automated all aspects of employee parking management (from exit & entry all the way through to allocation) their lot efficiency improved drastically.

Now, the company has an 80% occupancy rate, with all employees able to get a parking space when they need it.

Sue Kitley, a valued member of the Castle Trust Bank team, gave us the following feedback: “I think Wayleadr is just so easy to use. You guys are so helpful- you are always there when we need you. It’s just an amazing app – I can’t sing its praises enough. I would definitely recommend it. Setup was not difficult. Definitely, so easy to use.”

Pair software and hardware with Wayleadr for top results

Wayleadr can help your business make the most of its car park equipment. For instance, you can also unlock the full potential of parking hardware, by leveraging mobile apps to direct employees to available spaces in real-time.

Not only that, but you can also sync with existing communication and collaborations software to maximise the ease and effectiveness of your car park equipment.

Contact us today for more information about how Wayleadr can help you to integrate your car park equipment and achieve greater efficiency

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