The ‘holistic employee experience’ is a phrase that is has been talked about in HR offices and boardrooms for a while now.

In short, it means creating an optimal environment for your employees in every way possible. The three elements usually referred to when discussing it are available space, technology, and people.

When done correctly, improvements in these three areas can boost staff morale, reduce burnout, and help with your company’s overall staff retention strategy.

The good news is that improving the holistic experience doesn’t have to be difficult.

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The holistic employee experience and your business

Proponents of the holistic employee experience point towards space, tech, and the people within the business. They believe that these three elements are key to achieving a happy and efficient workplace.

The importance of each element was touched upon recently at a talk by Teresa Smith, senior manager of the strategic advisory group at UKG, at the virtual HR Technology Conference & Expo.

When an employee encounters a moment that matters to them personally or impacts their job performances anywhere on their employee journey, it can have a negative impact.

Teresa Smith, Senior Manager, UKG strategic advisory group

Physical experience

The physical experience refers to the space in which employees work or they encounter on the way to and from the workplace.

One of the key elements of improving employee morale is ensuring that their physical experience within the office is a positive one.

Thus, from the moment the employee arrives at the office, they should have enough room to conduct their day without issue.

For instance, they should be able to find a parking space without issues, have an assigned desk with enough space, and a separate place for their downtime and breaks.

As simple as all of this sounds, it can still cause issues.

For instance, hybrid work has led to confusion over desk space, parking lots and more.

Digital experience

Staff need to have the right tools to conduct their job.

However, when we refer to technology in this instance, we are discussing more than just the hardware that allows employees to fulfil their roles.

We are also discussing digital tools that improve the overall employee experience, such as HR software, communication tools, and much, much more.

We live in a world where technology can improve employee experience tenfold. Why not take full advantage of that?

Human experience

It goes without saying that how you interact with your colleagues can either make, or break, your employee experience.

Managing company culture and the ethos of a team has become more complex since flexibility became the new standard.

However, there are still steps that companies can take to ensure their employees are getting the best possible holistic experience. For instance, digital lunches and events allow for staff members to get to know each other a little better and that can turn a group of staff into a team.

3 software solutions that can support the holistic experience


When it comes to space management, Wayleadr can offer you a full solution. Its booking system for parking can combine with your existing access management tools to give employees a seamless experience.

This gives staff the peace of mind in knowing that they can book a space before they even leave for work. It also shows HR and facility managers that they will not require a complete overhaul of their existing facilities to accommodate employees.

Wayleadr also offers desk booking options, which remove much of the confusion that hybrid work brings with it. On the days that staff are in the office, Wayleadr can ensure they have both a parking space and a desk to work in.


Slack is an excellent communication tool, which will improve two elements of your holistic employee experience – both the technology side and the human one too. That is because it offers employees the opportunity to directly communicate with each other.

It has an abundance of features which can improve your internal communications massively.

Waylead has the facility to integrate with Slack, so two of your most important digital tools can work together.

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Pingboard removes the confusion around who’s who in any given office.

It is a digital organization chart, which offers employees the chance to get to know each other, even if they’re working in different locations.

In today’s hybrid landscape, some employees still might be getting to know their colleagues. This is an app that offers them the opportunity to do so with very little trouble.

Employee experience

Improving the overall employee experience gives you an advantage in the competitive talent market.

The above software are perfect examples of tech improvements that can help you with this. For instance, with Wayleadr, you can take much of the hassle and stress out of your employees’ day. You can also set policies that help with your company’s overall goals.

Find out more about this incredible product and how it can help your business by booking a demo now.

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