Have you heard about ‘the great resignation’? It’s a trend which saw employees resign from their jobs en masse after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s still ongoing, but organizations who offer a best-in-class employee experience have been less affected.

To avoid this talent drain, it is probably worth reassessing your relationship with your employees. Offering best-in-class options will ensure that those employees aren’t searching for other job opportunities elsewhere.

Happy commutes

Of course, this is easier said than done and will require some effort and spend by employers.

Considering the cost of replacing just a single staff member can be massive, an investment in employee experience could save money in the long run.

It is also worth noting that hybrid working has changed what staff are looking for from their workplace. Thus, companies that previously offered a best-in-class experience to their employees may be now lagging behind.

Before any further ado, let us look at five simple ways that employers can start offering a best-in-class employee experience.

Embrace technology

From productivity apps to HR options, the list of technological options that can make your employees’ lives easier is endless. Why not embrace them, so your employees can control all elements of the worklife from their screens.

For instance, Whosoff.com is a great option for employees to manage their annual leave, while Monday.com can keep their to-do lists on track.

Those are just a couple of software options. However, you should also look into what tech equipment your employees have. Prior to hybrid working, it was easy to monitor if an employee wasn’t using the right equipment for their job as they were in the office.

A simple solution is to take a survey of all employees’ equipment and replace tech that is not fit for purpose.

Make company culture paramount

Just because all staff members aren’t in the office, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore company culture. In fact, it is even more important. That is because employees who aren’t in the office shouldn’t feel separate from the rest of the team.

Offering but online and in-person get-togethers can remove this issue. Fun, team-building events can make those who work remote feel more valued.

Another element of company culture is ensuring that there are learning opportunities for staff. Your internal communications team should also make sure that employees are aware of these opportunities.

Be empathetic

Having a company where staff feel like they can go to management with their work problems will reduce staff turnover. Companies that offer open communication and an empathetic ear are often preferred by employees.

Simple options to help here include having an ‘open door policy’ for management. Regular scheduled chats with staff and suggestion boxes can also help.

Respect boundaries

In this age of hybrid working, employees find it harder than ever to switch off after a day’s work. Of course, much of this is down to the employees themselves. However, there is also a certain element that is caused by employers not knowing where the boundaries are.

For instance, employees should not be contacted directly out of their working hours. Not only that, but there should be strict rules around workers logging on to do work tasks at any time of the day or night.

This ensures that there are boundaries and work is not leaking into their personal life. Because, if it does, it is a matter of time before that leads to employee burnout.

Consider the commute

Truthfully, without technology, managing the commute is much harder now than it was in the past. Nowadays, you are not sure how many staff are driving to work, as schedules can be all over the place.

This can lead to a number of issues, not least around parking. If you are working off a limited number of spaces and certain ones are reserved for staff that are not going to be there, that is an issue.

Of course, there are ways around this.

Wayleadr’s parking management software allows employees to book carpark and desk spaces for the days they will be in and manage their bookings through the app.

Hence, they know they will have a space before you even leave the house. And the app will direct them to those spaces, saving time and improving commutes.

Also, as many companies are looking to align with staff values around environmental issues, Wayleadr offers the opportunity to put policies in place that will reduce the number of cars commuting overall.


Of course, you will need to communicate with your staff to find out what is important to them in order to offer a best in class employee experience.

When you do, you can put policies in place around the technology and company culture that will lead to your company being viewed as one that offers a ‘best-in-class employee experience’.

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