Sanofi, a global healthcare leader with over 100,000 employees, faced a persistent parking dilemma at their three major offices in Spain—two in Barcelona and one in Madrid.

Despite high parking demand and the provision of commuter benefits, their parking lots often seemed half-empty, which was frustrating and costly.

Sanofi was spending €80-€100 per monthly parking space and contracting nearly 100 off-site spaces to meet demand.

The Challenge

Sanofi’s traditional parking system was proving to be a costly headache. Managing parking spaces was becoming increasingly difficult, and the high demand meant that the company had to spend more and more on dedicated spaces for all drivers.

Despite these efforts, the parking lots were often underutilized, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses.

Sanofi’s facilities team was under pressure to find a solution that would reduce costs without negatively impacting employees’ commuting needs.

The Solution

Seeking a tech-driven solution to optimize space usage and cut costs, Sanofi extensively surveyed various options and chose Wayleadr for its ease of use, quick setup, and excellent mobile app experience.

By implementing Wayleadr’s parking management software, Sanofi enabled employees to book parking via an app, which notified them of their space allocation the day before.

This system allowed Sanofi to number all parking spaces and group staff based on their parking privileges, making it easy for employees to select the days they needed parking.

Sanofi also used Wayleadr to manage eight EV charging stations across their Barcelona and Madrid locations. This feature ensured fair rotation among employees, supporting the company’s sustainability goals and contributing to overall employee convenience.

The Implementation

The implementation process was smooth and efficient. Wayleadr’s intuitive interface and user-friendly app meant that staff quickly adopted the new system.

Quick and simple training sessions were provided, ensuring that all employees were comfortable using the app.

This ease of use was crucial in achieving high adoption rates and ensuring that the system operated seamlessly from day one.

Results and Benefits

The results were impressive: Sanofi reduced the number of leased parking spaces by 100, saving a significant six-figure sum annually.

Despite the reduction in available parking spaces, employees still enjoyed a 100% success rate in daily parking allocation. Employee satisfaction soared, with 84% of staff using Wayleadr weekly and giving it a 9.4/10 satisfaction rating.

The simplifed parking system also reduced congestion in surrounding communities, improving Sanofi’s local environmental footprint.

“Due to the ease of use, employees have adopted the app quickly and they really like using Wayleadr. Feedback has shown staff are really honest that we have a fair and transparent parking management solution.”

Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management at Sanofi

Sanofi’s transition to Wayleadr not only solved their parking challenges but also enhanced the overall employee experience. By leveraging Wayleadr’s technology, Sanofi created a fair, transparent, and efficient parking management system that led to substantial cost savings and improved employee satisfaction.

For companies facing similar challenges, Wayleadr offers a proven path to optimized parking management, cost savings, and improved employee satisfaction. Lead your company into the future with Wayleadr and start simplifying your arrivals today.

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