Why aren’t more HR professionals and organizations focusing on how to improve employee happiness?

It sounds obvious, but companies whose employees are engaged and happy are more profitable. This might sound like HR hullabaloo or just something that gets put in a blog for content, but the statistics are there to prove it.

Research found that when employees are engaged in their work, the companies they work for can be more than 21% more profitable.

Gallup: meta-analysis

Improving an employee’s happiness can lead to a better workplace and an improved bottom line.

Employee happiness & happy commutes: ebay, CBRE, Indeed

Ways to improve employee happiness

Ensure employees have the right equipment

The old saying is that ‘a bad tradesman will always blame his tools’. However, what about the good tradesman who doesn’t have the right tools?

The truth is that they will struggle to do their work and thus, be unhappy in their professional lives. Think about it: if you don’t have the right tools to do your job, then you’re going to feel frustrated and unsatisfied.

For example, if you work as a videographer, but your laptop isn’t powerful enough to edit footage and is constantly breaking down. In this instance, how would you possibly be happy in the job?

This example can be applied to any type of work, and is something that employers and HR professionals should keep in mind.

It is also supported by statistics.

A Zensar survey showed that over half of US employees said that digital tools were needed to make them more successful, while over 40 percent said that technology results in better morale for them.

40% of employees believe that technology results in better morale.

Open up communication channels

When an employee feels heard, they are happier.

That is simply fact, and the opposite is also true. If communication channels between employees and management are cut off, there is a disconnection.

Cross-company technology, such as Slack, Google Chat and Teams can help with this. However, it is also important that employees feel that their voice is heard from those working in decision-making positions.

Having initiatives, such as an online suggestion box, where management or HR implement one employee suggestion each month is a possible idea. Another is for employees to democratically vote on things like where the next staff outing will be, or what non-profit initiatives the company takes part in.

Invest in education and training

When an employee feels stuck in a rut, there is a strong chance that said employee will try to leave that job.

Or worse still, they will stay in the job, with their performance constantly getting worse.

However, with education and development, employees feel more engaged and become more valuable to your team. Having an employee education program can truly be transformative.

Just look at these statistics from TeamStage: 94 percent of employees would stick with an organization longer if they invested in their training, while three out of every four workers consider lack of development programs as the reason they’re not unlocking their full potential.

94% of employees would stick with an organization longer if they invested in their training.

Consider the commute

Research has shown that an unpleasant commute can destroy an employee’s happiness. Of course, there is only so much a business can do about this.

Afterall, you can’t control how many cars are on the road and how far away your employees live from the office. However, there are ways you can reduce some of the stress.

For instance, the last mile of a journey can be full of anxiety because employees don’t know if there is going to be a car park space at the office. This anxiety can be avoided by them pre-booking space on the last mile automation app Wayleadr.

Therefore, they now know that they won’t have to look for off-site parking when they arrive.

You can also introduce Wayleadr to enhance employee happiness in other ways. For instance, if you want to install the perk of an EV charger in your lot, then Wayleadr is ideal for the management of bookings for this facility.

Be flexible

After the coronavirus, flexibility became a big issue for employees.

If you are not offering a hybrid or remote option for employees, then there is a good chance that you are behind the crowd.

Of course, not every employee wants to work remotely. However, when your competitors are offering this option and you aren’t, your employees may think the grass is greener.

If you are considering providing hybrid options, you should do it right.

Infrastructure, such as parking, can be difficult to manage if you do not have the right systems in place. For instance, Wayleadr can allow your employers to book the days they are in work to make sure that they always have a car and desk space on the days they’re in the office.


Putting measures in place to ensure employee happiness, means employees are engaged and engaged employees make for more profitable organizations. There are many measures you can put in place and technology can amplify your investment in employee happiness. Find out more about Wayleadr and how the solution can help improve employee happiness at your business by booking a demo now.

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