• Our last mile automation software is designed to help businesses scale their operations and continue growing without running into the common problems associated with scaling.

Parking can be a huge headache for businesses, but thanks to innovative software, this process doesn’t have to be difficult anymore.

Here are just a few ways Wayleadr can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently while also preparing for the future.

EV chargers management

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2022 report, consumers bought 2 million electric cars in the first quarter of 2022- that is a 75% increase from the same period in 2021.

This surge in popularity will only continue as the world becomes more focused on sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

For businesses, such a trend means will mean that they will likely need to install EV charging stations to accommodate employees and customers.

However, managing EV chargers can be complicated, which is where Wayleadr comes in. Our software makes it easy to track and monitor usage, set up billing, and even schedule maintenance for your chargers- all from one central location.

This way, you can rest assured knowing that you are preparing your business for the future of transportation.

Smart building integration

Another way Wayleadr can help you future-proof your business is by integrating with smart buildings.

Integrating Wayleadr with your smart building help optimize your parking space even further. For example, our software can help find and utilize underused parking spots, leading to increased revenue.

Moreover, our integration allows you to manage your parking resources better and optimize your space to accommodate more cars. The following technologies are just a few of the many that Wayleadr can integrate with:

  • IoT sensors and cameras
  • Parking guidance systems
  • Gates and barriers
  • Access control systems
  • License plate recognition
  • Internal communications

In other words, Wayleadr helps make the most out of your existing parking space.

Last mile automation for hybrid workers

Per Intuition‘s 2022 report,  66% of CEOs report that their organization is thinking about restructuring to support hybrid work.

This trend is not surprising, as many companies have found hybrid work models (i.e., a mix of remote and on-site work) improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

However, managing a hybrid workforce can be tricky, as you must find ways to accommodate on-site and remote employees. Last mile automation is one way to do this, and Wayleadr allows you to implement it in your parking facility.

For instance, our software finds and reserves parking spots for employees who need to come into the office for meetings or other events.

Car lot management to reduce carbon footprint - case study

Carbon footprint reduction

Buildings and transportation- two of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions- are areas where Wayleadr helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

First, our parking management software can be used to encourage employees not to drive to work – a benefit Version 1 saw by over 50% when they implemented Wayleadr.

Second, our parking bot, finds and utilizes underused parking spots, therefore increasing parking availability. Origina experienced this by 15% and Leman Solicitors by 25% with our platform.

Employee satisfaction and productivity 

Employees who have a good parking experience are not only happier but also more productive at work. The more they are satisfied and efficient, the more successful your business will be.

Wayleadr boosts employee satisfaction and productivity in several ways. By automating parking management, streamlining the last mile, and reducing your company’s carbon footprint, you create a better parking experience for your employees.

Our parking management software also allows employees to reserve parking spots in advance. It saves them time and frustration, as they don’t have to search for a spot when they get to work.

That is a perk that employees love now and they are sure to love it into the future too.

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