Create parking certainty like ESB

Discover how ESB increased 6,000 employees satisfaction with only 127 parking spaces.


The ESB is the number one provider of electricity services throughout Ireland. They serve both residential and business customers.


Moving to a new building, with less parking. This meant that 6000 employees only had 127 spaces available to them.


Wayleadr’s fair allocation algorithm allowed ESB to develop a ‘know before you go system’. This meant they could distribute parking equitably among staff.


Increased employee satisfaction by giving them certainty around their commute.

About ESB

The ESB is the number one provider of electricity services throughout Ireland. They serve both residential and business customers. Since their establishment in 1927, they have been Ireland’s foremost energy company. They are driven to make a difference and to use their unique experience and position to address societies’ biggest challenges.

Understanding ESB’s problem

In 2022, the ESB reopened their city centre headquarters at Fitzwilliam 27. This newly renovated building came with a massive reduction in employee parking. This meant demand far outstripped supply. ESB’s 6000+ employees only had 127 spaces available.

“The cost of parking in the city centre is extremely high, knowing that I have a space secured ahead of time is an absolute bonus for me.”

- Linda Williams, Catering Manager, ESB

How Wayleadr solved ESB’s problem

Wayleadr enabled our allocation algorithm for the ESB to fairly distribute spaces among staff. This became known internally as the ESB’s ‘know before you go’ solution.

Wayleadr spent countless hours with the ESB’ facilities team, understanding their unique parking policies for every department. This involved accommodating for a range of parking needs, for example, trading teams who need 24/7 building access. Wayleadr created a bespoke configuration that respects the needs of each user group, while also optimising the use of parking space.

All ESB parking is now digitised, including special cases like EV charging, motorbike parking and guest bookings. With a quick glance, the ESB facilities team can easily see their own occupancy rates and usage stats on their dashboard across the full carpark as well as a breakdown by zone.

Key Benefits

“One of the main reasons we introduced Wayleadr was to have a “Know Before You Go” parking policy that matches the needs of the 6000 ESB employees with access to our HQ.”

- Joe Mescall, Operations Specialist. ESB

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