Triple parking occupancy like Sanderson

Discover how Sanderson tripled occupancy without sourcing any extra space using Wayleadr.


With 200+ employees, Sanderson is a strategic recruitment specialist supporting clients in the UK, Australia, Ireland and Hong Kong.


Spaces were limited and allocated based on tenure at the company. The allocated spaces were often left empty. This affected employee happiness and retention.


Sanderson implemented Wayleadr as a digital-first solution that integrated with their access control to make it easier for employees to access and share parking spaces.


Wayleadr has helped Sanderson to triple the number of people who can access parking at the office without sourcing any extra space. There’s a decrease in empty spots and an increase in employee happiness.

About Sanderson

Sanderson is a global recruitment company, supporting clients in the UK, Australia, Ireland and Hong Kong, mainly in the financial services and retail sectors.

Sanderson works in partnership with clients to deliver effective recruitment solutions and their philosophy is to understand the needs of their clients so that they can deliver success.

Understanding Sanderson’s Problem

Sanderson has only 30 parking spaces available to employees and these were assigned based on tenure and status.

Oftentimes the parking spaces that had been assigned were unused and left sitting empty. These spaces that were assigned and lying empty on certain days was due to the hybrid work schedule. Sanderson had no way of sharing these spaces with other staff which meant parking was inefficient and very expensive.

The lack of parking availability had become a major headache for employees, who would need to get up extremely early to secure a spot or face expensive parking costs in the public car park if they did not secure a parking space in the Sanderson lot.

Parking at the office was a constant concern for employees and management.

“The lack of parking availability came up in a few exit interviews as a reason for why people were leaving. This really highlighted to us the need to find a solution which would enable us to share parking.”

- Lizzie Hawkins, Operations Director, Sanderson

All of these issues drove Sanderson to find a solution to the parking problems they were experiencing and find a way to fairly share the parking spaces.

How Wayleadr solved Sanderson’s problem

Sanderson needed a solution that would integrate with the barriers that controlled access to the carpark and they wanted a digital-first platform with an app.

They extensively researched solutions that would meet these needs and enable employees to book parking spaces in real-time.

Having researched the market, Sanderson selected Wayleadr as the stand-out solution that met all of their requirements. They particularly liked the ease of integration and setup on the backend, as well as the ease of use for employees on the frontend.

“We needed a digital-first solution that was easy for everyone to use and would be able to operate the barriers at our main parking space.”

- Lizzie Hawkins, Operations Director, Sanderson

How Wayleadr solved Sanderson’s problem

The app allows tenured employees, with reserved parking spaces, to release their spots on the days they are not going to be in the office. These spots are then made available for other employees to reserve through the app and parking is allocated fairly.

Wayleadr allows employees to book their parking in advance of coming to the office which allows them to effectively plan their commutes and make alternative arrangements if required. It also avoids employees arriving late or frustrated at the office because of parking problems.

By enabling employees to use their mobile devices to free up unused spaces or reserve spots, the stress around parking has been taken away and Sanderson has seen major benefits.

Key Benefits for Sanderson

“Wayleadr was extremely easy to set-up and the team were super supportive during the entire process. After we went live, they helped us ensure we were using the app to its absolute best and are always available to answer questions. This is different from other solutions.”

- Lizzie Hawkins, Operations Director, Sanderson

“Knowing that I can access the app and easily book my parking for the days I am going to be in the office is very helpful in how I plan my commute.”

- Jade Sharma Sacristan, Group Bid Manager, Sanderson

“Coming to a company that has such an organized parking structure takes away so much daily stress. It ensures I get to work on time with an allocated parking space and as an added bonus, I get to save money.”

- Nicola Price, Internal Compliance Manager, Sanderson

The team at Sanderson understood the needs of their employees and found a solution that met those needs, whilst also being simple to use.

Although the needs of Sanderson are unique, the functionality of Wayleadr is robust and can be configured to support the parking needs of organizations of all sizes.

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