The future of work is changing, and Wayleadr is at the forefront of providing businesses and landlords with the data they need to adapt. As businesses push to return to the office, new work models are emerging that alter how employees commute to work and how employers allocate office space. 

Introducing The Wayleadr Arrival Index Report: Unlock the Future of Workplace Arrivals


Wayleadr’s Arrival Index Report provides a comprehensive look into employee commuting trends, office occupancy rates, and parking patterns and behaviours to help employers and landlords better control space allocation and occupancy.

Looking for some real-life examples? Check out how companies like Colliers International, Version 1 & Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt have solved their parking problems.

Based on an analysis of over 100,000 employees from Wayleadr’s client base, including the technology, pharmaceutical, banking, and retail industries worldwide, this report examines key arrival trends, including the percentage of parking spaces equipped for electric vehicles (EVs), office occupancy rates between 2021 and 2022, and how much time employees spend commuting.

The Arrival Index Report reveals four key trends that are shaping the future of workplace arrivals. 

  1. Office occupancy rates rose 4.75% in 2022 from the previous year, with Wednesday being the most popular day to go into the office globally. 
  2. Only 1% of parking spaces are equipped for EVs, with EV charging spaces occupying less than 9% of employee car parks.
  3. EV charging occupancy regularly hit 100%, highlighting the need for increased EV spaces in office car parks. 
  4. Our data shows that the average employee spends approximately 10.4% of their day commuting.

“In order to plan for the future, it is crucial that businesses employ solutions to continuously monitor how their employees arrive at work by analysing parking and transit patterns and statistics. Our goal with the Arrival Index Report is to encourage businesses to view commuting as an investment rather than a cost. As 2023 will predominantly see the return to work, this is vitally important, and we are proud to power the future of commuting for our esteemed partners.”

Garret Flower, CEO and Founder of Wayleadr

Looking for some real-life examples? Check out how companies like Colliers International, Version 1 & Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt have solved their parking problems.

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Wayleadr, whose current clients include the likes of Uber, Sanofi, eBay, Indeed, and L’Oréal, is the authority in the arrival technology space making building facilities and vehicles smarter to ensure a frictionless end to every journey. The company is ranked the number one Parking Management Software by G2, Capterra & Sourceforge. 

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